Precisely measured

Based on the Völklingen Ironworks site, a UNESCO world heritage site, itp is ideally situated as a precision metal-working company. Here, around 50 employees produce measuring-technology components with high-performance Motorex Ortho NF-X cutting oil, which can be used universally.
The smallest measuring probe has a probe ball with a diameter of only 0.5 mm at the tip. This was drilled and mounted onto the shaft, which is only 0.17 mm wide. This demands the highest degree of precision (Picture (c) itp).

Quality inspection is a significant part of every product. During the industrial production of components for a wide range of technical sectors (automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, etc.), individual components are measured again immediately after production, in some cases directly in the production centre, before subsequent processing.

Always the right probe
The range of probes used is virtually unlimited. For example, in addition to conventional probes, itp also produces star probes, cylinder probes, disc probes, extensions, holders, adapters, etc. In the past, a lot of aluminium was used, but today, 90% of products are made from titanium. A classic probe consists of a probe holder, the shaft and a probe ball. The smallest shaft has a diameter of just 0.17 mm. Particular attention is paid to the expansion/contraction of the probe materials so that the measuring result is not affected.

Top results with Motorex
A cutting oil which can be used universally is required, especially when machining various materials (steel, aluminium and titanium) on the same machines. Based on the many positive experiences and joint development cooperation, the machine manufacturer Tornos recommended the ground-breaking high-performance Motorex Ortho NF-X cutting oil. After an analysis of requirements by the Motorex partner for itp in Germany (FS GmbH, Bickenbach), all machining processes were able to be successfully carried out with Ortho NF-X. Furthermore, another advantage was the flash point of Ortho NF-X 15, which is beneficial for the flammable process of titanium machining, for which there is a rapidly increasing volume of orders. After the first tests, outstanding finishes had been achieved, which in turn significantly reduced the post-processing costs.

We will deepen the subect in our next issue.

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