New servo motor controller

maxon motor’s new range of servo controllers continues to expand. Just like the existing motor control units in the range, the new maxon motor Escon 70/10 possesses very easy usability and peak control properties. The high power density 4-quadrant pulse width modulated (PWM) servo motor controller gives efficient control of permanent-magnet brushed DC motors (PMDC) and brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) using Hall sensors with a power rating to ~700 W.

High performance, easy to commission, outstanding motor control characteristics, and top performance are the strong assets of the new Escon 70/10.

The Escon 70/10 servo motor controller features exceptional motor control qualities. Additionally it has very fast digital current control with a huge bandwidth for precise motor torque and current control. The speed behaviour is fluctuation-free and extremely dynamic with a motor speed range from 0 to 150,000 rpm. It has a broad range of functionality with completely configurable analogue and digital outputs and in-puts. It can be used in numerous motion control operating conditions from current controller to speed controller in both open and closed loop. Being a compact servo motor controller it compliments maxon motors range of PMDC and BLDC motors giving dynamic motor drive systems which meet vigorous application requirements.

User friendliness as guideline
It is controlled with an analogue set value input that can be given from either an external source or using an internal potentiometer. Alternatively, the motor can be controlled via PWM input signal. It features direction oriented enabling if desired and the user can define the feedback mode using an encoder, tacho or Hall sensors. Designed specifically with easy startup and user-friendliness in mind. When connected to a PC via a USB port, the servo motor controller can easily be configured with the graphical user interface “Escon Studio”. A large variety of functions, software wizards, and a well-designed automatic procedure to fine-tune the controller come in handy during startup and configuration.

maxon motor ag
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Extra deep face grooves now possible on small diameters

The CoroTurn® XS family of precision tools for small part machining from Sandvik Coromant has been expanded to facilitate the efficient production of extra deep face grooves in small diameters.

Coroturn_Eurotec copie
New range of CoroTurn XS inserts and adaptors/holders from Sandvik Coromant.

The product range now includes face grooving inserts for sizes 08 and 10, along with adaptors/holders in the same sizes. Also, for internal turning operations, the same series features an extension of the -A chip breaker geometry.

CoroTurn XS range extension set to benefit pump component manufacturers
In direct response to demand from manufacturers of pump components, face grooving depths of cut of up to 30 mm are now achievable using the CoroTurn® XS family. The previous maximum was 6 mm. Suitable for all engineering materials, the new size 08 insert is for 3-15 mm depths (2-4 mm widths) on diameters 10-16 mm, while the new size 10 insert is for 5-30 mm depths (3-5 mm widths) on diameters 12–20 mm.

For all kind of lathes
Complementing the inserts are new adaptors/holders for boring bars, Coromant Capto® toolholders and shank-type holders, ensuring the new tools can be used on all kinds of lathes in internal and external tool positions. Internal coolant is facilitated through the holder, while a locating pin allows easy and exact location of the insert to reduce indexing time.

For general internal turning operations using the same family of tools, the extension of -A geometry inserts in sizes 04, 05, 06 and 07 delivers better chip control, enhanced process security and longer tool life.

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2k injection moulding with zirconia

First Formatec introduced a range of Zirconia colors, for injection moulding. This range has been greatly accepted with brown as the most rapid growing color for aesthetical applications.

Formatec_Eurotec_EPHJ copie
2K injection moulded bezel.

Ever since this introduction Formatec worked on the next step. Breaking down the limitation of just one color for an aesthetical ceramic component. In 2013 this becomes reality by introducing 2K injection moulding for zirconia. The outcome is a result of combined powder development, injection moulding and sintering research.

Blue / White Zirconia injection moulded part.

The technology in highlights

  • Full zirconia components
  • Multiple colors available
  • Applied on flat and curved surfaces
  • Regular high density part >99,9%
  • No color diffusion between the colors
  • Available in polished and non polished finishing
  • Alternative to PVD coating / lacquer


Start using this innovation to add everlasting decorations to your design
By bringing this technology to the market Formatec aims for applications that are currently produced by using ceramic with PVD or lacquer coatings. This technology will advance on wear and can be applied on complex curved surfaces. More interesting are designs that are not feasible with the traditional techniques. Larger components fully 2K designed can offer stunning designs.
Formatec is taking development orders for this technology from the spring of 2013.

Formatec is present at the EPMT / EPHJ | 11 – 14 June | Booth G62

Formatec Ceramics
Michiel de Bruijcker
Managing Director
[email protected]

You can see a video here :


MACH 2014 sales 25% up

With a year to the opening of MACH 2014, the UK’s premier event for manufacturing technologies, exhibition sales are 25% up on MACH 2012 at the same point.

Graham Dewhurst, Director General, of the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) – the organisers of MACH – says: “This impressive early exhibition sales performance for MACH 2014 is a reflection on the importance of MACH to the UK engineering-based manufacturing sector. The fact that MACH exhibition sales are up by 25% on this time two years ago is a further indication of the resilience of UK advanced engineering and its determination to work towards a positive future.”

UK industry_Mach_Eurotec
2012 was a good year for the UK Machine Tool industry (29% growth in 2012 – 65% growth in 2011). The forecasts for the MACH 2014 period are for activity to continue at or around the current high levels.
End User markets:
Aerospace – Seen strong growth and will continue through the MACH 2014 period.
Automotive – Very strong areas in the sector – Excellent numbers published for February 2013. The shape of the UK industry tends to suggest it will outperform the European industry as a whole
Machinery is back to pre-recessionary levels – although with volatile patches.
Growth is forecast for 2013, strengthening in 2014/15.

OEMs and Tier 1s at MACH
OEMs and Tier 1s will be exhibiting for the first time at MACH 2014, covering the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas
  • Nuclear and Power Generation
  • Yellow Goods

The organisers already announced that Airbus are exhibiting as a cornerstone of the “UK Manufacturing Zone”. Further companies will be joining very shortly.

Colin Sirett, Head of Research & Technology, Business Development and Partnerships Airbus UK, says: “Airbus recognises the importance of developing strong relationships with world class suppliers. By exhibiting at MACH 2014, Airbus is participating in the UK manufacturing sector’s pre-eminent event and bringing us into closer contact with a diverse range of the leading manufacturers. I very much look forward to the opportunities at MACH 2014.”

More than 20’000 visitors avaited
MACH is the UK’s longest established and best attended manufacturing event. The exhibition is held at the NEC in Birmingham and attracts in excess of 20,000 visitors and some 490 exhibitors showing the latest machines and other manufacturing equipment.
As the only UK exhibition of its kind and scale the show is widely recognised as the place to source and buy new equipment. It is the range and sheer scale of the technology on show that is the unique feature of MACH.

The visitor promotion campaign will kick off in September 2013– but the organisers wants to be planning long before then. It may be a good idea to plan to visit Birmingham from April 7 to 11 next year.

PS: I’ll keep you posted on what makes MACH a place to visit soon.



Value chain management in the auto industry: Clever ideas for Medtech

The BMW Group aims to create value and remain a world-leading supplier for individual mobility in the premium segment. In order to be able to respond appropriately to the challenges in a global market posed by differing legal environments, customer preferences and climate conditions, the company relies on its Supply Chain Number One.
On September 18, 2013 at the North American Day of the congress at World Medtech Forum in Lucerne (Switzerland), visitors will be able to explore synergies and ideas from the automotive industry for the medtech sector.

Success through organisation
With the aim to be the best performing OEM Supply Chain with the highest-quality parts, Supply Chain Number One integrates maximum innovation and the most flexible internal and external supplier networks with competitive costs; a precondition for sustainable market success. The value chain management needed to achieve this goal is based on:

  • consistent customer orientation
  • a focus on core processes
  • visualization of work processes and
  • procedures.

The reduction of redundant processes and procedures in an exemplary fashion, and ensures seamless monitoring of performance measures and closed feedback loops so that further optimization measures can be implemented quickly. These basic principles are applied equally in all four core processes of the BMW value chain:

  • idea to offer
  • offer to order
  • order to delivery and
  • delivery to customer care.

With its products and processes, BMW follows a formula for success which results in high sales volumes and profit figures, as seen in 2012.

What can the medical technology sector learn from BMW?
Like the Medtech industry, the automobile industry is also under pressure to achieve maximum innovation, the most flexible internal and external supplier networks at the most competitive costs, and satisfy the increasing demands of customers around the globe. Common features of the medical technology and automobile industries, and how the two can learn from each other and develop brilliant ideas for success in the market, will be explained by Axel Niemeyer, CFP BMW (Schweiz) on September 18, 2013 at the North American Day of the congress at World Medtech Forum in Lucerne.


You can read the recent articles on WMTF 2013 Lucerne published on Eurotec:


Soon available:

  • Exclusive interview with Patrick Roth, director of the Precision Cluster (Speakers’ Corners at WMTF Lucerne)



Newemag invests for the future!

Newemag recently announced its move to Eschenbach in the canton of Lucerne. When? How? Why?
In recent years, the infrastructure and the business processes of Newemag have lived some changes; demands being always higher. This means that space on the current site of Rotkreuz has become too small, both in the exhibition and in the offices halls.

More efficient…
At Eschenbach, a modern working environment awaits the motivated team of Newemag. The building has been designed in an optimal way. Customers will benefit of this new situation. Mr. Pirmin Zehnder, Director and owner says: “A change is a risky step, but however, it offers the unique opportunity to set a new direction. For the first time since the Foundation of the company in 1975, we cross the boundaries of the Canton and will move this fall to our new premises in Eschenbach, LU. The construction project is an absolutely captivating challenge and it is possible now to consider vast opportunities. The future production equipment offers high flexibility which will enable us to serve our customers even more efficiently”. optimal working conditions
The new building has a complex of offices with spacious floors and a welcoming exhibition hall with a workshop area. In addition, new spare parts warehouse offers much more space and possibilities, allowing even faster actions.
Another positive point is the location: like Rotkreuz, Eschenbach is very central. Specialists of the company are therefore easily accessible for customers and visitors.

The new building is located maybe 15 minutes from the actual premises.


Just at the exit of the motorway, Newemag offers idea conditions to visitors. For people from French speaking Switzerland, it’s even a little bit closer. The company will also change its philosopy and exhibit all its product range in Chavornay at Schneider mc SA (and not only Brother products like now).


The work is booming in Eschenbach and the company’s move is planned for October 2013.

NEWEMAG Werkzeugmaschinen
Erlenstrasse 2
6343 Rotkreuz
Erich Habermacher
Phone +41 798 31 00
Fax: +41 790 10 54
[email protected]

Next opportunity to meet with Newemag’s specialists, EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Geneva.





Customer-focused medtech innovation: the ‘job-to-be-done’ approach

You can join an evening seminar on the topic of customer-focused innovation, organized by Medtech Switzerland, the INSEAD Swiss Healthcare Industry Club (cHIC) and INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland.


Tuesday June 25, 2013, Stade de Suisse/Wankdorf, Berne.

Hear speakers from INSEAD, Cochlear, the Bern Inselspital, YouRehab and Vendbridge discuss the idea of customer-focused medtech innovation: the ‘job-to-be-done’ approach. Panel discussion and networking reception to follow.


  • 16.30 Doors open
  • 17.00 Welcome and introductions based on the 2012 WMTF Report. Customer-focused medtech innovation: the ‘job-to-be-done’ approach – Panel discussion: customer-focused medtech innovation
  • 19.00 Summary and networking reception (until 20.00)

Stade de Suisse/Wankdorf, Papiermühlestrasse 71, Berne Entry 71, 4th floor, Sky Lounge,

The number of participants is limited so we encourage you to register by June 18th, 2013 online at

There will be no fee for the event, courtesy of the financial sponsors HBM Bioventures and Korn/Ferry International.