CNCzone now allied with Europe’s biggest forum portal

CNCzone has entered into a strategic alliance with CNC-Arena, the leading forum portal for production technology in the German-speaking nations. It is thus extending its supportive capabilities and upgrading its international focus.

Nolden_eurotec“Since being founded in 2001, CNC-Arena has been a success story on the German-speaking web”, comments Frank Nolden, Managing Director of CNC-Arena GmbH. He ads: “So we’re all the more gratified that now we’re allied to CNCzone we can tap into the international market as well.” (Image:CNC-Arena)

As of now, more than 300,000 members are conducting their discussions in the shared English-language section of CNCzone and CNC-Arena. In more than 500 forums, with a current stock of 1.5 million specialist contributions, experts engage in mutual feedback on all areas of production technology. The B2B modules connected by CNC-Arena, focusing primarily on product databases, newsrooms, job market, order brokering, and much, much more, will significantly expand the spectrum of information on tap for CNCzone’s discussion members.

Open to the world
“Europe and Germany are well regarded as can-do vendors by American users from the metalworking sector”, says Paul Gentile, President of CNCzone. “Direct access via CNC Arena will enable our members to obtain valuable information and to contact experts, users and manufacturers, something they won’t find in this form anywhere else”, explains Paul Gentile. Together with CNC-Arena, we shall in future also be showcasing both portals’ capabilities on the international stage at the sector’s major trade fairs. “This step supports our clients’ focus on exporting”, says Frank Nolden, Managing Director of CNC-Arena GmbH. “Mutual feedback for our members can as of now take place worldwide, through shared discussion in all the forums. As the integration process progresses, all B2B modules will be mutually harmonized.”

Gentile_Eurotec“CNC-Arena and CNCzone have a lot in common, particularly their enthusiastic and highly active members. So I’m confident that everyone involved will benefit from this alliance.”  – Paul Gentile, founder and owner of CNCzone (Image: CNCzone).

Impressive potential
CNC-Arena, with around 75,000 registered members and 1.4 million hits a month, is the leading independent platform for production technology in the German-speaking nations. CNCzone has since 2003 established itself as the biggest forum portal for production technology on the US market. CNCzone is contributing to this alliance around 240,000 highly active members and approximately 2.1 million hits a month.
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