Successful in-house exhibition with new products

Last week about 2’500 visitors from over 1’000 companies were welcomed at the Hermle AG traditional in-house exhibition. During four days customers and prospects were able to discover 30 fully equipped machines and Hermle’s training center. The high proportion of international visitors from over 50 countries who are not afraid of traveling from the United States, Brazil, Korea, China, Russia, Israel and some other Asian countries is encouraging. Guests from almost all EU countries were well represented with large groups.
PW 3000 adapted to a 5-axis machining center C 60 U dynamic Operator turning the automatic setup station.

New machining center
Designed for daily use and highest standards of precision, the C 32 adapts ergonomically to its operator – ensuring optimal operating comfort, uncomplicated working conditions and easy maintenance. A wide range of thought-through features guarantees highly precise and economical parts manufacturing. The C 32 can mill even difficult-to-machine materials in record time and with perfect precision – even fully automatically and as a flexible manufacturing system. With traverse paths of X-Y-Z 650/650/500 mm optimally adjusted to the maximum tool size and consistently designed for 5-axis applications, the C 32 U dynamic represents the ideal machining system for applications requiring the greatest accuracy, smallest tolerances and best surface qualities, for example tool and mold manufacturing, medical technology, aviation and aerospace, machine and apparatus construction, engine and auto racing technology and the subcontractor industry.

Other highlights are: three axes in the tool and two in the workpiece, the modified, highly stable gantry design manufactured with mineral casting with excellent vibration dampening properties and optimum main axis support, the bearings on both sides and tandem drive of the NC-swiveling rotary table, the quadruple roller guide system and the centrally arranged main drive for the Y axis, and finally the swiveling angle of the A axis with +/- 130° for a total of 260°. The space-saving ring-shaped tool magazine integrated into the basic body of the machine works according to the pick-up principle and features space for 36 tools with SK40 or HSK A 63 holder even in the standard design. Additional magazines are optionally available with 43, 87 or 160 pockets.

New pallet changer
The PW 3000 pallet changer, comprising three modules, is used to automate the C 50 U / MT and C 60 U / MT systems. The base module consists of the travel, lifting and rotary axes, as well as a safety enclosure with hinged doors, and ensures that the pallets containing the workpieces are brought in and out smoothly. The setup station module with a rotating door enables the pallets to be set up in parallel to production time. In addition, the one or two-layer rack module can accommodate up to 8 pallets. Especially practical: The PW 3000 pallet changer can also be extended and linked to two machining centers.
NC-swiveling rotary table Ø 320 mm with integrated torque motor.


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