Value chain management in the auto industry: Clever ideas for Medtech

The BMW Group aims to create value and remain a world-leading supplier for individual mobility in the premium segment. In order to be able to respond appropriately to the challenges in a global market posed by differing legal environments, customer preferences and climate conditions, the company relies on its Supply Chain Number One.
On September 18, 2013 at the North American Day of the congress at World Medtech Forum in Lucerne (Switzerland), visitors will be able to explore synergies and ideas from the automotive industry for the medtech sector.

Success through organisation
With the aim to be the best performing OEM Supply Chain with the highest-quality parts, Supply Chain Number One integrates maximum innovation and the most flexible internal and external supplier networks with competitive costs; a precondition for sustainable market success. The value chain management needed to achieve this goal is based on:

  • consistent customer orientation
  • a focus on core processes
  • visualization of work processes and
  • procedures.

The reduction of redundant processes and procedures in an exemplary fashion, and ensures seamless monitoring of performance measures and closed feedback loops so that further optimization measures can be implemented quickly. These basic principles are applied equally in all four core processes of the BMW value chain:

  • idea to offer
  • offer to order
  • order to delivery and
  • delivery to customer care.

With its products and processes, BMW follows a formula for success which results in high sales volumes and profit figures, as seen in 2012.

What can the medical technology sector learn from BMW?
Like the Medtech industry, the automobile industry is also under pressure to achieve maximum innovation, the most flexible internal and external supplier networks at the most competitive costs, and satisfy the increasing demands of customers around the globe. Common features of the medical technology and automobile industries, and how the two can learn from each other and develop brilliant ideas for success in the market, will be explained by Axel Niemeyer, CFP BMW (Schweiz) on September 18, 2013 at the North American Day of the congress at World Medtech Forum in Lucerne.


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