Extra deep face grooves now possible on small diameters

The CoroTurn® XS family of precision tools for small part machining from Sandvik Coromant has been expanded to facilitate the efficient production of extra deep face grooves in small diameters.

Coroturn_Eurotec copie
New range of CoroTurn XS inserts and adaptors/holders from Sandvik Coromant.

The product range now includes face grooving inserts for sizes 08 and 10, along with adaptors/holders in the same sizes. Also, for internal turning operations, the same series features an extension of the -A chip breaker geometry.

CoroTurn XS range extension set to benefit pump component manufacturers
In direct response to demand from manufacturers of pump components, face grooving depths of cut of up to 30 mm are now achievable using the CoroTurn® XS family. The previous maximum was 6 mm. Suitable for all engineering materials, the new size 08 insert is for 3-15 mm depths (2-4 mm widths) on diameters 10-16 mm, while the new size 10 insert is for 5-30 mm depths (3-5 mm widths) on diameters 12–20 mm.

For all kind of lathes
Complementing the inserts are new adaptors/holders for boring bars, Coromant Capto® toolholders and shank-type holders, ensuring the new tools can be used on all kinds of lathes in internal and external tool positions. Internal coolant is facilitated through the holder, while a locating pin allows easy and exact location of the insert to reduce indexing time.

For general internal turning operations using the same family of tools, the extension of -A geometry inserts in sizes 04, 05, 06 and 07 delivers better chip control, enhanced process security and longer tool life.

For more information visit the website at www.sandvik.coromant.com