New very small machine to drill horns in watch cases & more…

At EPHJ I’ve just discovered new Emissa machines: the Magic 50 and Horolotoplan. These machines complement the product range offered by Emissa in the watch industry.

M. Pierre Boschi, managing director, with the new Horolotoplan. This machine combines high productivity with flexibility.

Magic 50
This new machine has been developed to offer watchmakers a less expensive alternative to 90° drill in the horn of watch cases.  M. Boschi says: “We already offers the Magic drill, but this machine is mainly intended to produce large series, with the new Magic 50, we offer a “table” machine for small series”.

This new machining center works like a transfer machine where the watch plates move from one station to the next one. The machine includes 30 working stations and can completely machine watch plates. It can be equipped with a returning station as well as loading/unloading systems.

New smallest tool
This new toolholder has an outside diameter of 2.48 mm and turns at high speed… it has to be seen…

You can go discover these novelties till the end of the week in EPHJ Geneva.

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With the Magic series by Emissa, watch cases’ horns are drilled at 90°. With the new Magic 50, this solution is offered for small series and a limited budget.
In a diameter of less than one meter, the Horolotoplan offers very high productivity for watch plates making.
Picture taken through a magnifying glass on the booth. This small tool holder offers a compactness as never seen before.



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