To help punch manufacturer reduce overhead costs by 66%

For almost twenty years, Boise, Idaho company, Performance Design has designed and manufactured paper punching machines used by Staples, Kinkos and in-house printing departments of large corporations.  Today, they’ve got a 6’500 sqm facility with 25 employees where they manufacture and sell over 20 different product lines.

From links to right: Emmett Nixon-Programmer--Randy Stewart-President--Steven Parker-Engineer.
From links to right: Emmett Nixon-Programmer–Randy Stewart-President–Steven Parker-Engineer.

Until late 2012, though, they were outsourcing a key component in their equipment…the round, oval, square and rectangular metal pins used to punch the paper.  The pins are between 3 and 8 mm diameter and about 50 mm in length which includes a 3 mm head gripped by the punch machine.  As part of a company-wide “Go Lean” initiative that began in 2007, they decided that they needed to bring the pin manufacturing in-house, starting with their oval shaped pins.

Swiss ST26 into the equation
 “Actually, we were just about ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a different machine right after the IMTS show; but then we met with our local Tornos salesman and he presented the specs on the Tornos Swiss ST 26 “Starter” machine.  The Tornos looked like a great option and we were really surprised by the price that he was quoting.  Comparing it to similar machines in the market, we were expecting it to be another 100K more than what he was saying.  When we saw the features that the Tornos had for the price, we put the brakes on buying anything else.  We had to start looking at that one real seriously.”  

New possibilities at Performance Design
Once they determined that the Tornos could use round material to make rectangular pins, they were hooked.  “We went back to the other manufacturers to see if they could match the Tornos and their only answer would be jumping up to a $200,000-300,000 machine.  They had nothing in the Tornos Swiss ST price range”.

The right product
The Tornos Swiss ST 26 Starter configuration was a linchpin for Performance Design’s Go Lean initiative. The Tornos was a great fit on price and capabilities and helped them transform the way they manufacture a key component in their product line.

We’re going to publish the full story later. In case of interest just send us a mail with Performance Design as title and we will inform you as soon as the article is released.

The biggest thing that drew Performance Design to the Tornos Swiss ST26 was the ability for pinch milling.
The biggest thing that drew Performance Design to the Tornos Swiss ST26 was the ability for pinch milling.

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By the way, the Swiss ST 26 now also arrives in Europe, you can read the full article on the CE version here.




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