Last rest before EMO – Happy Summer Time

Eurotec’s newsstand is now on holidays for about two weeks! For those who are happy to have a few days off, Enjoy!
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We will be back soon with a lot of news. With EMO and World Medtec Forum coming, the manufacturers at every level of the production chain in microtechnology (parts, machines, peripherals, components, sub-assemblies, material or services providers) are busy preparing their offer to better serve their customers.
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Some pieces of news we were able to fetch are really amazing and some manufacturers will change the world of manufacturing at this year’s EMO (I don’t think I exaggerate). There will be bridges linking technologies and machine concepts (some completely new).

See you soon.


Pierre-Yves Kohler

Win your trip to the world of metalworking

September is EMO time. Thousands of production experts from all over the world will then be setting off for Hannover in Germany to visit the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector. Up to 16 August of this year, ingenious production experts who like solving tricky puzzles can win a visit to the EMO in the organisers’ EMO quiz.

The quiz questions can be found at and With a bit of background knowledge or “knowing how to search and find”, they’re not difficult to answer. The main prize in the draw is a flight to the EMO Hannover with three nights in a hotel, an admission ticket to the fair, and some VIP treatment that the winner won’t forget. There are also some other attractive prizes to win.

In the service of the world…
From 16 to 21 September 2013 the EMO Hannover 2013 will be showcasing the entire world of metalworking under the motto of “Intelligence in Production”. More than 2,000 manufacturers of production technology from 39 different countries will be present in Hanover. The Who’s Who of the international machine tool industry is expecting customers from all sectors, chief among them the automakers and their component suppliers, machinery manufacturers, the aircraft industry, medical technology, the electrical engineering sector, and much, much more.
Around 140,000 trade visitors from more than 100 different countries came to the last event in 2011.


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Producing more intelligently

For the first time, the VDMA Congress on “Producing more intelligently” will be held under the aegis of the EMO Hannover 2013. Based on the motto “Inspired by technology”, the organisers have put together a program of high-caliber speakers. Top-flight experts from international industry will report on their experiences and success strategies in a global production environment.
Innovation, flexibility and technological expertise are key factors for success in global competition, particularly for manufacturing companies.

The three main topics:

  • excellence
  • efficiency and
  • intelligence,

pick up on the themes that currently top the agenda in manufacturing technology.

Three well targeted themes
Excellence focuses on lean production and flexible value chains. The topic of efficiency centers on sustainable and resource efficient production. Finally, intelligence addresses the close dovetailing of the virtual and the real production world in the wake of Industry 4.0.

1st Congress Day, 16th September 2013

  • 14:00 Registration
  • 15:00 – 18:00 Plenary presentations
  • 18:30 – 21:00 International Reception as part of the EMO

2nd Congress Day, 17th September 2013

  • 9:30 – 10:45 Plenary presentations
  • 11:15 – 13:15 Parallel Sessions
  • from 14:00 Guided theme walks

Languages: German and English – simultaneous translation will be provided.

Participant Fee
The participant fee is 390 Euro plus value-added tax. It covers the participation in the congress, the social program and the guided theme walks. Furthermore, a ticket for the EMO is included.

You can download the programme here and register online at






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EvoDeco for large diameters to be launched at EMO

At this year’s EMO, Tornos is presenting the replacement for the last two Deco machines on the market, the Deco 20 and Deco 26. Logically enough, these machines have been named EvoDeco 20 and EvoDeco 32.

The design revolution is clearly visible on the EvoDeco 32. (We have interviewed the designer of Tornos and we will come back on this topic soon).

Until now the upper limit of the EvoDeco line was 16 mm. Thanks to the launch of EvoDeco 20 and EvoDeco 32, Tornos can now offer a complete EvoDeco version line from 2 to 32 mm. The concept behind the EvoDeco line remains unchanged, which is to uphold the overall philosophy that has underpinned the success of the Deco line, while strengthening key elements in order to improve machining performance, thereby making the machines even more competitive.

Let’s see what’s new

  • New spindle with built-in synchronous motor
  • Optimising and reinforcing the frame
  • New modular rotating unit
  • Complete basic equipment
  • Improved design and ergonomics
  • Integrated PC

New spindle with built-in synchronous motor
This is a major improvement. The spindle is the heart of a bar turning machine, since it is largely responsible for determining the key elements of machining performance and precision. From the outset, the EvoDeco line was given added spindles equipped with synchronous technology. This technology is a first on a sliding headstock machine. Inaugurated on Tornos multi-spindle machines a few years ago, it was very highly rated by users of EvoDeco 10 and EvoDeco 16 machines.
The constant torque enables more substantial turning operations to be performed. According to the users, the biggest difference lies in the accelerations and decelerations achieved by the motor. The cycle time of parts requiring numerous stops is therefore improved, in some cases by up to more than 35%. Synchronous technology is also part of Tornos’ environmental policy, since synchronous technology provides better efficiency than asynchronus technology.

To be discovered at EMO (with many other news to be revealed) on Stand B04, Halle 17.

Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Phone +41 32 494 44 44
Fax +41 32 494 49 03
[email protected]

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Quantum leap in milling technology

Mikron Tool SA Agno achieved a quantum leap in milling of stainless steel, titanium, chrome-cobalt alloys as well as the so called Super alloys. The newly conceived small milling cutter improved by large margins the hitherto possible results in all aspects.

CrazyMill Cool is the only milling tool with integrated coolant in the diameter range from 0.3 to 4 mm.
CrazyMill Cool is the only milling tool with integrated coolant in the diameter range from 0.3 to 4 mm.

Hence, new benchmarks apply immediately for cutting speeds, feeds, performance, tool life und surface quality. Hard to believe that these results are most dominant with the so called hard-to-machine materials.

Massive cooling effect
Mikron’s microcutter has three to four internal coolant channels which go through the shaft and bring such coolant along the diameter to the cutting edges. The result is a targeted and massive cooling effect where it’s needed: at the cutting edges and this in every machining position. Simultaneously chips are continuously flushed away. In relation to the small diameters of the milling cutters the cooling channels are rather large. The large volume of coolant created is highly efficient; the friction heat is substantially absorbed and removed by the coolant.

New on every aspect
The Mikron crazy mills involve a newly developed micro granulate carbide, a combination of different geometric characteristics that leads to the targeted results. A robust cutting body, a radial relief and a very specific cutting edge preparation afford a very high cutting edge quality and stability and also an innovative and very specific coating

Faster, better…
Markus Schnyder, the responsible for Mikron Tool International points out, that one does not have to be a calculus genius to find out, that with up to five times faster cutting speed and a comparable feed the efficiency of the milling cutter is improved by a factor of 10 to 20! With this it is interesting that expressly the “difficult” materials are the ones where the difference regarding performance is most astounding. The cherry on the cake is, according to Mikron Tool, the surface quality. Even though the cut goes into solid material, the CrazyMill Cool boasts Rz values which are 2 to 3 times better, than what can be expected from conventional cutters.

To be discovered at EMO on hall 4, stand D65.

Mikron Tool SA Agno
Via Campagna 1
6982 Agno
Tel +41 91 610 40 00
Fax +41 91 610 40 10
[email protected]


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New entry level bar loader for sliding and fixed headstock machines up to 52 mm

At EMO this year, LNS will unveil its new entry level bar loader dedicated for high productivity production both on sliding and fixed headstock machines. The company will also unveil other products in its “one stop shop” philosophy.

The Alpha 538/552 is designed with an extra wide heavy duty front leg supporting the critical components of the bar feeder providing maximum rigidity and vibration dampening.
The Alpha 552 is designed with an extra wide heavy duty front leg supporting the critical components of the bar feeder providing maximum rigidity and vibration dampening.

The LNS highly affordable solution to automatically load long bars from 5 mm to 52 mm into fixed and sliding headstock turning machines. The Alpha 552 is a heavy duty design to withstand production processes running at optimum RPMs. High guiding quality, low noise and effective vibration-dampening are guaranteed from start to finish.

Easy to use remote control (HMI)
The prompting remote control is operator friendly and ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, and therefore the production process can be run safely and efficiently. The setup is easy and takes less than 1 minute on the panel.

Changeover simplicity
Changeover of bar diameter on magazine tray is performed by a simple manual adjustment via the changeover lever, no tool required. A three position scale allows users to visually see where their new adjustment is aligned for accuracy and quick selection.

For complete diameter changeover, the guiding elements can easily and quickly be replaced. No tool required with this simple and reliable design.
For complete diameter changeover, the guiding elements can easily and quickly be replaced. No tool required with this simple and reliable design.

Greater bar stock stability and less oscillation inside the lathe
The 2-position hydrostatic front stabilizer is set to the bar diameter and automatically opens to the pusher diameter as it feeds through to provide hydrostatic support from start to finish.

Safer operation and optimum RPM with sliding headstock machines
The LNS Swiss safety connection for sliding headstock machines eliminates the unsupported area between the bar feed and machine tool to provide greater safety and better bar stock support. It consists of a series of telescoping tubes that extend in sections to maintain a continuous connection between the Alpha 552 and the machine sliding headstock.

Alpha 552 includes an assortment of reduction tubes to use within the Swiss safety connection and the lathe headstock. The inside diameters of these reduction tubes match those of the bar feed’s guide channels.
The Alpha 552 includes an assortment of reduction tubes to use within the Swiss safety connection and the lathe headstock. The inside diameters of these reduction tubes match those of the bar feed’s guide channels.

We will come back on LNS new products soon…


2534 Orvin
Phone: +41 (0)32 358 02 00
Fax: +41 (0)32 358 02 01
[email protected]om

PS: You can discover all the articles published on LNS in the new LNS page on Eurotec’s here.






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3D Measurement capabilities webinar

In this webinar you will learn how Alicona’s 3D measurement device helps its customers improve process monitoring in micro machining. If you are interested in this webinar but unable to attend – register all the same. You will receive a link to the recorded version after the webinar.

The webinar will unveil a few hot topics

  • Effects of surface finish on tool performance
  • Optimize machining processes through highly reliable 3D measurement data
  • Share visualization data with your clients to promote your machine platforms


3D Measurement Capabilities for Professional Process Monitoring

  • Date: August 6, 2013
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT


  • Brad Etter, Alicona Sales Manager US
  • Brain Kyte, Alicona Sales Director UK


What you can expect

  • Case study: How surface finish affects performance
  • Alicona’s solution: Focus-Variation
  • Live demo: Automatic edge measurements with IF-Edgemaster
  • Modules: Measure radius, angle, wear, difference between target and actual – regardless of coating


What is IF-Edgmaster
The IF-EdgeMaster is an optical 3D measurement device to automatically measure cutting tools. Typically, the system is used to measure cutting edges regardless of type, size, material or surface finish of the tool. Users measure radii > 2µm as well as rake, wedge and clearance angle of cutting edges. Both waterfall-type and trumpet-type are precisely measured. The robust technology of Focus-Variation delivers stable and traceable measurements also in a production near environment.

You can register for the webinar here.

You can find every info published about Alicona in Eurotec here.


Alicona Imaging GmbH
Teslastraße 8
8074 Grambach/Graz
Tel. +43 316 4000 700
Fax +43 316 4000 711
[email protected]

In Switzerland:
Microcube Sàrl
Route du Bois-Genoud 1A
CH-1023 Crissier
Tél. +41 21 635 82 20
Fax +41 21 635 82 21
[email protected]



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