EvoDeco for large diameters to be launched at EMO

At this year’s EMO, Tornos is presenting the replacement for the last two Deco machines on the market, the Deco 20 and Deco 26. Logically enough, these machines have been named EvoDeco 20 and EvoDeco 32.

The design revolution is clearly visible on the EvoDeco 32. (We have interviewed the designer of Tornos and we will come back on this topic soon).

Until now the upper limit of the EvoDeco line was 16 mm. Thanks to the launch of EvoDeco 20 and EvoDeco 32, Tornos can now offer a complete EvoDeco version line from 2 to 32 mm. The concept behind the EvoDeco line remains unchanged, which is to uphold the overall philosophy that has underpinned the success of the Deco line, while strengthening key elements in order to improve machining performance, thereby making the machines even more competitive.

Let’s see what’s new

  • New spindle with built-in synchronous motor
  • Optimising and reinforcing the frame
  • New modular rotating unit
  • Complete basic equipment
  • Improved design and ergonomics
  • Integrated PC

New spindle with built-in synchronous motor
This is a major improvement. The spindle is the heart of a bar turning machine, since it is largely responsible for determining the key elements of machining performance and precision. From the outset, the EvoDeco line was given added spindles equipped with synchronous technology. This technology is a first on a sliding headstock machine. Inaugurated on Tornos multi-spindle machines a few years ago, it was very highly rated by users of EvoDeco 10 and EvoDeco 16 machines.
The constant torque enables more substantial turning operations to be performed. According to the users, the biggest difference lies in the accelerations and decelerations achieved by the motor. The cycle time of parts requiring numerous stops is therefore improved, in some cases by up to more than 35%. Synchronous technology is also part of Tornos’ environmental policy, since synchronous technology provides better efficiency than asynchronus technology.

To be discovered at EMO (with many other news to be revealed) on Stand B04, Halle 17.

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