CPLS: Induction motor for operation with a frequency inverter

Machine tools, test benches, hoisting gear for cranes or travelling cranes, process industries such as metal, plastic and rubber processing, all require variable speed drive systems that can be accommodated in small spaces with high dynamic stresses.

Moteur CPLS_Eurotec
CPLS’ motors flexible design offers many options on the standard version, such as a standard polyester filter or a Miovyl regenerative filter, and ensures that the CPLS can be adapted, not only to the driven machine, but also to the application and to harsh environments.

The range of CPLS square-framed 3-phase induction motors, combined with the new Unidrive M inverter range fully meets the requirements of the various processes, with the assurance of overall performance of the motor/drive assembly.

Long service life
To ensure perfect adaptation for use with a frequency inverter (dv/dt withstand), the insulation system of the CPLS range has been enhanced as standard to prolong its service life. The CPLS range consists of the frame sizes 112, 132, 160, 200 and 250 mm, for stages of operating torques from 95 to 2900 Nm and speeds of up to 10000 rpm, thanks, among other things, to the use of high-speed bearings. The CPLS motor offers both compact IP23-rated construction and separate continuous ventilation independent of the speed of the machine. These construction details allow continuous operation at reduced speeds.

Intelligent features
Its great compactness and lack of required maintenance mean that the CPLS can be easily fitted into confined and cramped spaces. It is also the ideal solution when wishing to replace existing machines (another DC for example) with an induction motor/frequency inverter assembly. Combined with the Constant Power System, an exclusive process patented by Leroy-Somer, the CPLS motor provides a 4-6:1 operating range at constant power without having to derate the motor or the drive. Moreover, an integrated brake from the FCPL range can be mounted at the non-drive end of the CPLS motor to perform dynamic braking in the event of an emergency stop.




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