Micro-assembly in high-tech materials

The Rubis Precis/Micropierre/High Tech Ceram group specializes in high-precision machining of hard materials such as technical ceramics, ruby, sapphire and tungsten carbide. The company announces now new capabilities in assemblies in high-tech materials.
New assemblies in high-tech materials like titanium and ceramics used in new leading markets like aerospace, aeronautic, medical and analysis are now offered by the high precision specialist.

Advanced skills
These micro-assemblies are assembled using a variety of techniques, for instance metallising, brazing, laser welding and crimping. The Group is one of the world leaders for the supply of such high-tech assemblies to solve many difficult problems like wear or corrosion resistance in harsh environment, insulation at ultra-high temperature or voltage, resistance in ultra-vacuum or high pressure. The skills in assembly are perfect complement to the company’s well-known skills for machining the same hard materials.

From manual to automatic…
The company relies on 25 automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines for all types of assembly/micro-assembly, these are chosen depending on the complexity of the parts and the size of the production runs.

Black and white zirconia ceramic watches
To show its skills in machining and assembly in high precision ceramics and microtechnology the company also unveiled a pair of zirconia watches.
These can be bought directly at the factory; you can find more information here.


The Rubis Precis group will be exhibiting its skills at Midest in Paris from November 19 to 22, 2013.

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Midest 2013.


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