Self-contained vacuum chuck working with integrated vacuum supply

Witte has developed a completely new type of vacuum chuck which operates without any kind of extra vacuum supply unit. This can be discovered till the end of the week on the company’s booth (Hall 5, Booth E53) at EMO.
The vacuum chuck consists of a patented vacuum supply unit with battery and an automatic control system. Safety equipment and signal lights that show clamping and battery loading condition are also integrated and ensure process safety

On demand set-up
The clamping surface can be individually configured according to conditions of use. Designs which include two vacuum sections, one to clamp to the machine table and one to clamp a work piece on the top, are also possible and show the great versatility of this new type of vacuum clamping system. Both vacuum areas are strictly separated and operate independently of each other.
Depending on ambient conditions and type of part capacity is sufficient for several hours or shifts.

5-side machining with all imaginable degrees of freedom is possible.

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