Tornos open-house next week

After the EMO and the positive welcome of the new products in Hannover, the company will present them to the Swiss market during an open-house exhibition to take place in its headquarter in Moutier.
Tornos open house

The EvoDeco offers a remarkable design and boasts surprising power both for spindle and counter spindle machining. We decided to focus a bit more closely on this powerhouse by studying the machined part.

EvoDeco 32 – The most powerful machine on the market
Simple in appearance, the part is made from grade 303 stainless steel, and is machined from a 32 mm bar. To realise it, the machine must make a long drill hole of 150 mm, but also narrow the outer diameter from 32 mm to 22 mm over a length of 90 mm. Tapping, flat milling and drilling are all part of the process. “The part is not dissimilar to one made by our customers from the same material; it is subject to very stringent controls in terms of dimensions. Furthermore, we wanted to adhere to market requirements; we need to work at speed and remain accurate”, reveals Arnaud Lienhart, EvoDeco 32 project manager at Tornos.

Tornos part

EvoDeco 32 – Fully equipped for every challenge
The machine has comprehensive basic equipment and benefits from a whole host of extra equipment developed for the Deco range, which gives it almost limitless flexibility. Mr Lienhart concludes: “To get an idea of the power of the EvoDeco 32, I would recommend that you watch the part being machined on the YouTube platform. For the purposes of the film, the part is made from brass, but our specialists would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the power of the EvoDeco32 to you on harder materials”.


Several Swiss premieres not to be missed
From December 4 to 6, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. visitors will be able to discover the new highlights of the product range of the Swiss Manufacturer:

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