Superior tapping performance in multiple materials

With VariTap, Widia presents the latest tools built on 140-year legacy in tap design and engineering to deliver performance without compromise.

VariTap™ from WIDIA delivers superior tapping performance in multiple work materials without sacrificing part quality or tool life.

Manufacturers, especially job shops, know better than most the pressures of ever-increasing customer demands and the equally demanding requirements to control costs. Multi-purpose tools have been one method many shops use to bridge the gap – excellent in certain materials and good enough in others to get the job done.

The best of both worlds
Field tests are confirming the Widia VariTap delivers the best of both worlds: superior tapping performance in multiple work materials without sacrificing part quality or tool life. “Job shops by nature require the broadest possible toolbox to deliver different jobs that come in daily”, says Marcelo Campos, Manager Global Product Management for tapping at Widia. “VariTap draws on more than 140 years of application experience to provide today’s shops the ability to address different applications and materials with one solution. As opposed to having to stock custom or specific taps for aluminums, stainless steels, cast irons, etc., the VariTap design gives them high performance without compromise”.

Optimised design
VariTap’s design engineering includes a proprietary spiral point geometry that lowers tapping torque, extending tool life while efficiently driving chips forward in through holes. Optimized spiral flute geometry additionally aids chip evacuation, reducing bird-nesting in blind holes.

Lasts five or six times longer
One of the first customers says: “We had been using regular HSS taps mainly in 347 stainless. They were good quality taps, we just felt we weren´t getting as much performance as we should. When we agreed to field-test the VariTaps, they lasted at least five times as long as the taps we were using, in a few cases, six”.

A VariTap for all conditions
Widia  is not bringing just selected VariTap options to the market, but a broad array of VariTap choices, more than 1600 SKUs. “There’s a VariTap for all tapping conditions”, says Campos. There are DIN dimensions for Europe, ANSI for North America, (including DIN lengths on ANSI shanks), and JIS for Asia.




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