Ultra-short pulses Trumpf laser for micromachining

Trumpf is the largest global manufacturer of lasers for industrial manufacturing. Whether for cutting, structuring, abrasion or drilling: the laser is more and more used in microtechnology.
It is precisely for this kind of machining that Trumpf offers solid-state lasers: Trumpf ultra-short pulses laser.

Cold material processing
With its extremely short pulses, the TruMicro 5000 series picosecond laser vaporizes nearly any material so quickly that no heat affected zone can be detected. These lasers allow cold micro-processing without any mechanical or thermal loading. The TruMicro is perfectly suitable for the watch industry. For example, it is ideal for the following applications: ceramics processing, structuring of metallic surfaces, burr-free silicon drilling…

Additional fields of application are the effective elimination of dielectric or metallic layers and cutting of carbides and polycrystalline diamonds for cutting and grinding tools.

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