Complete product-range of gear tools

For some time, Gloor – the worldwide leading manufacturer of special SC tools with logarithmic relief grinding – has been able to produce the complete product range of gear tools using its new generation of special grinding machines.
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The setup with the company’s own software guarantees that customers obtain perfect tools, which in turn ensure high-precision gear components. Thanks to Gloor’s own manufacturing process, the company is able to produce cutters with significantly more teeth and to facilitate a faster process and/or better surface quality for customers.

Logarithmic relief grinding
It goes without saying that these tools – as usual – feature logarithmic relief grinding which ensures that the cutting faces of the tools can be re-ground several times while retaining the exact profile shape! Gloor is in a position to measure its gear tools as well as all other form tools on its Mahr Acure 6-axis CNC measuring machine and to provide the relevant test reports.

The following gear tools can be produced

  • Solid carbide gear milling cutters
  • Solid carbide gear milling cutters with shank
  • Solid carbide hob cutters – involute, cycloidal and special shapes
  • Solid carbide conical gear cutters, tooth gap by tooth gap
  • Solid carbide bevel gear hobs
  • Solid carbide crown wheel cutters
  • Solid carbide 1-pass hob cutters
  • Solid carbide profile hobs
  • Solid carbide adjustable hob cutters
  • Solid carbide shaper cutters for internal gears.

The tooling solutions offered by Gloor can be discovered at Siams on booth A36/B27, Halle 1.2.

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