New generation of small dimensions bar loader

On the occasion of the Siams, LNS will unveil the new Express 112. This bar loader intended to work with small diameters is an interesting addition to the product range of the company to complement the famous Tryton, particularly when floor space available is very limited. Meeting with Samuel Ventron, Product Department  Manager.

Express 112

For the machining of small diameter bars, the manufacturer classically offers Tryton and Tryton watch industry. Mr. Ventron explains: “For 40 years the Tryton and its system using tubes is a must with regard to guidance. With the new Express 112 we developed a bar loader that offers the same quality of guidance and an ergonomic and innovative side-loading”. If the first deliveries of this new device will take place in autumn, it can be seen and ordered from the Siams.

The best of both worlds
Designed on a girder and including NC subsets, the Express 112 is designed for bars from 0.8 to 12 mm. It is built on the strengths of the Sprint and Express ranges, namely: the frame consisting of a grinded girder, side loading even while working and the use of elements tested and validated on hundreds of devices. It combines those with a guiding quality at the level of the Tryton that is guaranteed by the independent opening of the bearings that, once closed, reproduce the classic tube of the latter.

Designed for efficiency and quality
The movement of the bar are aligned with the spindle through the 3S electronic syncing device which measures movements in real time and ensures maximum efficiency from 0.8 to 12 mm. The new Express 112, like the Sprint 565, is equipped with bearings with pneumatically controlled independent openings. Quality of guidance is maximised regardless of the position of the bar. The pusher mounted on a linear rail ensures minimized friction and high guidance accuracy. In addition, the synchronization mounted in the axis of the spindle allows to work without any effort and without vibration. The jaws to extract remnant of bar are auto-centring from 0.8 to 12 mm and require no adjustment.

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