The laser offers new opportunities to watchmakers

The IMI group is composed of several companies (IMI Swiss, Laser Cheval and Hardex) active in microtechnology and watch industry. At EPHJ the company specialised in engraving and laser cutting solutions will unveil two watch-making novelties. Meeting with Mr. Christophe Morlot, marketing manager.

With the new Laser-Cheval solution, circular graining could be square or triangular!
With the new Laser Cheval solution, circular graining could be square or triangular!

Watchmakers innovate continuously and it is from this basic premise that Laser Cheval has developed two solutions unveiled at the Geneva show. Mr. Morlot is very clear: “The two products that we present offer new opportunities to watchmaking specialists”. They seem without equivalent on the market today.

Laser punches: validated process
The use of warranty punches and master punches is framed by strict rules to ensure quality (we will enter into more details on this in Eurotec’s next issue).

Laser decoration on brass
Laser decoration (circular graining (perlage) and Geneva waves (cotes de Genève)) is already known for stainless steel parts, but it is now possible to apply it on brass. Mr. Morlot says: ‘We have worked on the laser source to provide a solution that meets the high standards of quality of watchmaking, especially regarding the absence of small burns and the guarantee of the micro-structure that provides brightness”. And the result is a real tested and validated industrial solution. But why making decoration by laser?

New possibilities of decoration…
Laser decoration allows performing the classical designs, but it offers also new opportunities such as for example square or triangular graining. The operation by laser generating no mechanical stress, the realisation of this operation is very simple. The part to decorate is placed freely in the machining area, the software recognizes its position and the work can immediately begin. Mr. Morlot says: “Our customers wanted to have this possibility, but brass involves other types of laser settings. We restarted from the basics to develop this new solution”. Laser Cheval wanted to propose a real industrial solution and not a laboratory product; it is the reason for which it has worked more than one year on the development of this new product.

To be discovered at EPHJ in June.

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