Dino-Lite introduces the next generation of digital microscopes

Dino-Lite has led the way in digital microscopy by introducing the first handheld digital USB microscope in 2006 and has grown to become the market leader in digital microscopy for professional applications.
Dino-Lite is now introducing the next generation of digital microscopy with the Edge series with the next level of image quality and increased flexibility. The Edge series also include special models with special features that have not been achieved in handheld digital microscopy before.

High quality for the industry
The Dino-Lite Edge series provide superior image quality and great flexibility in use for professional applications. The high-quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural colour image with very low aberration and vignetting. The Edge models also feature a high quality industrial look housing and new software features like focussing assistance.

Flexible and efficient
The adaptable and exchangeable caps provide for even more flexibility in use for all kinds of applications. By removing the end cap, the full range of magnification can be used or more working space can be achieved. A closed cap is included for protection of the lens in dusty environments or when working with liquids and a diffuser cap is supplied to evenly spread the light on the object.

Many features available
Special models include the AM4515ZT that allows automatic reading of the magnification rate for quick and convenient measurements, the AM4115ZTW with wider field of view and two magnification rates achievable without repositioning the microscope, and the AM4815ZT with Enhanced Depth of Field and Enhanced Dynamic Range options that were only found on high range microscopes until now.
The Edge models are now available through authorized Dino-Lite partners. More information regarding the Dino-Lite products can be found at www.dino-lite.eu .

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