SwissNano – The possibilities are endless

Despite its simple appearance, the SwissNano offers outstanding machining options and is the most flexible machine on the market. The machine owes its flexibility to a large range of options, but also to a good deal of ingenuity. Let’s see a few ones

The Top-Watch range is perfectly adapted to the SwissNano machine, in terms of both the 8x8 cross section standard insert holder system, with which watchmaking type inserts are compatible, and the Moduline solution. Indeed, Applitec offers its specific Moduline tool holder system to SwissNano.
The machine’s 6-axis kinematics offers numerical settings in all dimensions. All users find that the counter spindle, with its 3 linear axes, is very comfortable to use. In addition to the counter spindle, the second platten can house tools under the counter spindle, which increases the SwissNano’s machining capacity. Depending on the support, 2, 3 or 4 tools can be fitted under the counter spindle, enabling the machine to perform operations in parallel on the two plattens.

Simultaneous turning
This kinematic enables, for example, “roughing/finishing” operations to be performed, but that’s not all: it is also possible to turn and drill at the same time, to deburr and to hob, or even to support a workpiece during delicate operations. To help you make the most of the kinematics, Tornos has developed a series of devices to enable the SwissNano machine to handle a wide range of workpieces on delivery.
Balance shaft video:

Thread milling devices
Occasionally used as a polygon tool, but more often as a device for milling threads on small screws, this device can be fitted as a tool which can successfully perform thread chasing operations. It is possible to achieve very fine threads: during the Journées Horlogères open days, one machine produced a screw with a thread of S 0.5. To see this operation in more detail, go to our YouTube channel where you can admire the workpiece being machined up close.
Screw video:

Gear hobbing
The SwissNano not only performs turning, milling and polygon operations; it can also perform gear hobbing. This means it can greatly simplify the value chain of your production and it is a very competitive solution for performing hobbing operations. Now this complex operation can be performed on a single machine. During the Journées Horlogères open days, a cannon-pinion and a sweep second pinion were machined. You can admire these parts being produced in the videos.
Hobbed cannon-pinion video:
Sweep second pinion video:

Guide bush: rotating, fixed or none
The SwissNano is the only machine on the market able to make such a simple conversion; the machine can switch from working with a guide bush to working with a collet in a matter of minutes. The machine is simple to use: its TMI interface fully automates switching between using fixed guide bushes, rotating guide bushes, or no guide bush at all; simply select your preferred setup in the interface and the machine automatically makes all the settings for the operator. This option further reinforces the machine’s flexibility and truly makes it the perfect partner for machining small components requiring extreme precision.

High-frequency spindles
As a special modification, the SwissNano can be equipped with high-frequency spindles, in operation or counter-operation, as required by the parts. During the Journées Horlogères open days, we machined a double plate with two front-mounted spindles; this is one of the most difficult parts to produce on a bar-turner and, as you will see in the video, the SwissNano did a marvellous job.
Double plate video:

In addition to high-frequency spindles, the SwissNano can also be equipped with 1 or 2 mechanical drills for performing drilling or milling operations. It is also possible to perform splitting operations on the SwissNano.

Foolproof repeatability and precision
The machine’s structure is designed to meet the most demanding needs of the watchmaking industry in terms of precision, repeatability and surface finishes. Thanks to its flexibility, the SwissNano is a competitive solution which effectively meets the needs of the watchmaking industry (amongst others), proving to be the perfect partner for producing any type of small part. The SwissNano may be small, but you will be surprised at its great performance and flexibility!

Mext opportunities to (re)discover the SwissNano?

  • GEWATEC 26th – 28th June
  • IMTS 8th – 13th September
  • AMB 16th – 20th September
  • BIMU 20th September – 10th October
  • PRODEX 18th – 21 November

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