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Visitors to the Siams trade show in Moutier certainly noticed the new Alfatool factory located on the Rue Industrielle, a few blocks away from the exhibition park. And if they were impressed by the quality that emerges from the building, what would say the lucky ones who had the opportunity to visit it? Meeting with Mr. Yvan Pratillo, the head of this dynamic SME specialised in the manufacture of cylindrical microtools (complete interview in our next issue).

Alfatool workshop with its new Rollomatic machine pool.
Alfatool workshop with its new Rollomatic machine pool.

The company, which this year celebrates its 11th anniversary, has just completed moving in this new ultra-modern building. Entering it, one feels that quality is a major concern within the company. The premises are sober, functional and quite impressive of quality. The Director tells us: “We are recognised for the high quality of our products and we are very pleased that it also emerges from our new premises”.

Fivefold surface
Questioned as to the reasons for this move, Mr. Pratillo is very clear: “We’ve passed from 500 m2 to 2400 m2, this will allow us to better manage our growth”. And if the machine pool is very impressive, the workshop may still be almost doubled. According to the needs, the production can work 24/7. Without additional investment, it can already meet a significant increase in demand. The company focuses clearly on the future.

…for demanding fields
The main activity areas served by Alfatool are watchmaking, jewellery, medical, aeronautics or microtechnology. Mr. Pratillo explains: “These days, customers are no longer having large stocks and responsiveness is one of the strong assets of Alfatool; we have a very consistent stock of 100% of our catalogue references”. Another important point raised by customers is the regularity of the quality of the tools. Users can be certain that all will be strictly identical, both in terms of geometry, surface finish and above all general tolerances.

Very sharp tools…
Alfatool has expertise in the realisation of high quality and finish micro tools; overview of the range:

  • Engraving mills from diameter  2/100 mm
  • Micro drills and center drills
  • Micro mills from diameter  8/100 mm
  • End mills
  • Slitting saws

The complete catalog of the company can be downloaded at this address:


Alfatool is present at EPHJ in Geneva (June 17 to 20, 2014) on the stand L09.


Rue Industrielle 44
Case postale 28
CH – 2740 Moutier
Tél. +41 32 493 73 10
Fax +41 32 493 73 12
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