More options for surface finishing

At the EPHJ trade fair, Recomatic/Bula Technologie will be presenting several new products which meet specific customer needs, particularly for watchmaking customers. A few customers have already seen some of these new products and were favourably impressed by what they saw. So much so, that the company has even sold several machines before the official launch at EPHJ. We went to Courtedoux to meet Mr. Marco von Gunten, who has been Sales & Marketing Manager for the last 3 months.

The MR480 is a veritable machining centre comprised of a very rigid frame and 3 independent spindles, thus ensuring a high degree of stability.
The MR480 is a machine with a very rigid frame and 3 independent spindles, thus ensuring a high degree of stability.

The manager is delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the launch of these new products, as he says straight away, “I am new in the company and three things never cease to surprise me: the high degree of innovation in the products, the fact that our customers’ needs are really taken into account and the motivation of our workforce”.

Increasing synergy
Since the company took over Bula in 2008, the Recomatic group has been working to provide complementary solutions to its customers in order to offer a complete service from the preparation of a surface from a geometric point of view to the finishing of the same surfaces in terms of appearance, including automation. The company will be presenting five new products at EPHJ.

The following products will be launched at the fair:

  • Reco-MR480 grinding and lapping machine
  • Reco-MS300 satin finishing machine and
  • Bula satin finishing module.

In terms of evolution, the company will be presenting the new versions of the automatic polishing machines Bula-Poligo B11 and B22.

Making the difference with surface appearance
All the solutions on offer from Recomatic and Bula aim to provide new functionalities in order to increase the global performance of the machine and meet the increasingly high requirements of their customers. Mr von Gunten concludes, “Today Recomatic and Bula have taken their company to a new level and are offering industrial solutions which are completely in the spirit of the times, in particular in terms of repeat precision and their high level of performance. I would like to invite all customers and anyone else interested to come and see our products in greater detail on our stands A57 + A63 at the event in Geneva”.

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