What’s new at EPHJ/EPMT/SMT ?

This morning I discussed with Roland Gutknecht, Director of VFM machines. This company now solds highly accurate machining solutions for watch making and other microtechnological fields. On the booth we can discover several machines from Roku-Roku and Hasegawa.

With the new Android Roku-Roku aims to set new standards in high precision machining.
With the new Android, Roku-Roku aims to set new standards in high precision machining.

The director told me that these machines are now starting to sell well in the watch industry because of their precision. The new Android, micro precision micro fine machining center reaches accuracy as never seen before.

Machining to a new level
This new machine includes 13 points of measure to record any change in temperature and directly acts on all the axes to correct permanently. The data accumulated can be transferred to a personal computer for maintenance and management. M. Gutknecht told me “We’ve installed a machine to a customer and he’s now producing for many weeks with accuracy within 2 microns in X/Y and 3 microns in Z”.

All about this machine and more can be discovered on the VFM booth till the end of the week. Don’t miss it.

VFM Machines SA
Industriestrasse 26
P.o. box 217
2555 Brügg BE
Tel. +41 32 374 35 –  45 | Fax +41 32 374 35 49
[email protected]




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