New possibilities with high-tech materials

In the first half of 2014 the French group Rubis-Precis/Micropierre/High-Tech Ceram has designed and implemented new micro-assemblies techniques in high-tech materials.
These include materials such as biocompatible ceramics, zerodur, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, medical stainless steel, gold and platinum for very demanding sectors such as aerospace, military and defense, medical and instrumentation as well as analysis.

Several highly specialised assembly techniques
The used assembly techniques are metallization and soldering, crimping, driving, gluing and shrinking. The Group that is nowadays one of the European leader for providing such high-tech assemblies incorporating advanced materials proposes solutions for various issues such as:

  • resistance to wear or corrosive environments (acids and bases),
  • use in ultra-high vacuum without degassing,
  • resistance to high temperature (more than 1000° C),
  • biocompatibility,
  • electric and heat insulation,
  • infrared or ultraviolet optical applications,
  • high pressure (more than 1000 bar).

Many kind of parts
The company produces about 1 million of such high-tech components per month, for a unit price ranging from 0, 10 to … 5,000 euros per part. The group currently generates 14 million euros of sales. The group has a solid reputation for innovation and constant research on a wide range of engineering materials and always accepts new challenges. It operates in numerous markets worldwide with over 500 customers in total in 25 different countries. They require precision components (around one micron), as well as assemblies made with state-of-the-art materials to solve any kind of problem.

You will be able to discover its skills in Besançon at the next Micronora (from Septembre 23 to 26). If you are looking for high-tech miocrotechnology solutions, the visit will be most rewarding.

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