SwissNano – Success in the USA

We’ve already published a few stories about the new Tornos SwissNano (you can find them here). This morning’s new is specially published on July fourth.  I just received the info that the machine is ready to go to the IMTS in Chicago and wears a nice US outfit.

The SwissNano proudly wearing the Star-Spangled-Banner before its departure for IMTS.
The SwissNano proudly wearing the Star-Spangled-Banner before its departure for IMTS. I take advantage of the opportunity to say “Happy 4th of July” for Eurotec’s American readers.

Actually the machine has already been sold a few time in the US and results seems promising. The first machines were sold to Petron Automation, a Connecticut shop proud owner of the first two SwissNanos in the US.

Success Story

19 new machines
Last November, Petron Automation, Inc. held a ribbon cutting ceremony marking its facility expansion.  Tornos CEO, Michael Hauser, was there to witness the event.  The company, established 34 years ago, added 9,000 square feet to make room for 19 new machines – more than doubling the company’s capacity in 17,000 square feet total.

SwissNano to reach new markets
“These new machines will help us expand our operations and sales further into electronics, connectors…and micro parts, which we see as having huge growth potential,” says Luis Santolamazza, VP Sales & Marketing. He continues: “Getting the first two SwissNanos in the country, shows our President’s commitment for the latest technology. That has always been part of the strategy here and having these new machines supports the point that we invest very regularly in the newest technology (we turn over our machines every 5 years). It’s important to mention that these first two SwissNanos in the country were proven reliable making precision parts for the watch industry in Switzerland…and the purchase of these machines shows that we are trying to step ahead of technology.”

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