Tornos CT 20: new entry-level machine

Tornos made its first foray into entry-level machines in 2008 with the Delta range, and this product very quickly won over the market with its ease of use and excellent value for money. Today, a new entry-level machine is ready to win its own converts: the new CT 20. We took this opportunity to find out exactly what secrets this new product is hiding.

To guarantee good finishes and good adherence of tools, particularly close attention has been paid to the construction of the frame.
To guarantee good finishes and quality machining, particularly close attention has been paid to the construction of the frame.

“The CT project is aimed at introducing a true 20 mm machine which offers flexibility on a scale never before seen in entry-level machines”, reveals Christophe Tissot, CT project manager at Tornos. The machine should enable excellent machining performance whilst guaranteeing a competitive price. “It is a difficult balance to strike, but the CT 20 machine has succeeded with ease. This machine will allow our customers to maintain their competitiveness with Tornos”, underlines Mr Tissot.

One product, two kinematics
The CT 20 machine is, of course, a sliding headstock automatic turning machine which has a 20 mm bar capacity. The machine is available in two versions with 4 axes and 5 linear axes, and it can be equipped as necessary with two C axes which increase its machining capacity. The 5-axis version can take up to 26 tools (up to 10 rotating tools as an option), which makes it one of the best-equipped machines in its category on the market. By adding a modular tool system on the platten, it stands out from other machines currently available on the market. Unlike competitor machines, which content themselves with simply offering a fixed driven unit containing radial drills, the CT 20 machine can house other equipment so that it can be better adapted to the part being created. Parts which, until now, have required more complex machines and a greater level of investment can now be created on CT 20 machines, thanks to its excellent level of flexibility.


The CT 20 is on sale now across Asia, and this brand new, highly flexible machine will be available in Europe from the AMB in Stuttgart.
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