Metalworking skills through E-learning programme

Sandvik Coromant, a global leading supplier of cutting tools, tooling solutions and know-how to the metalworking industry, has launched a programme to help production engineers and manufacturing specialists keep abreast of the latest metal cutting technologies and practices. The free online service is the first comprehensive E-learning programme for metalworking skills and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.
The E-learning programme is based on the Sandvik Coromant 360-page “Metal Cutting Technology” training handbook used for all in-house training at the company’s productivity centers. To make the material more user-friendly for online access, it has been divided into nine chapters and 75 training courses and features useful comments, voice over, animated graphics and video clips.

Full of useful information
Following an introduction and instructions, the programme encompasses the topics of machinability, turning, parting & grooving, threading, milling, drilling, boring, and toolholding as well as machining economy and maintenance. The E-learning programme is currently available in English but will be expanded to other languages during the year. A feedback form and online examination with certification are included within the programme.

A one-off registration at enables full utilisation of the free Sandvik Coromant E-learning programme.

Do not hesitate to try it.

AMB China continues to gain speed

AMB China will open its doors for the fourth time in Nanjing in October 2014. In addition to numerous Chinese manufacturers of tools and machine tools, large internationally operating companies such as DMG MORI will present their products of the factories of Tianjin and Shanghai.
AMB china
In addition to DMG MORI, other globally and regionally well-known manufacturers such as EMAG and INDEX Traub, in the areas of metal cutting, metal forming, precision tools and automation technology, will present their products and services at AMB China from 13 to 15 October 2014. In 2014 the organisers of AMB China are expecting over 10,000 trade  visitors, who will be able to obtain information at the exhibition on topics – which are also highly relevant in China – such as the search for qualified managers and skilled employees.

Matchmaking event
A further topic on the agenda of exhibitors and visitors will probably be the matchmaking events taking place during the exhibition with decision-makers from Chinese and European companies. During the OEM Forum, which will also take place concurrently with the trade exhibition, buyers from large end users will give talks regarding requirements and demands on suppliers. The OEM Forum will therefore be a first-class communication platform for end users, parts manufacturers and mechanical engineering companies in China.

Manufacturing + Automation: Full spectrum at AMB China
According to the exhibition organisers, the Automation Area will also be a crowd puller at the AMB China 2014. Manufacturers, trade associations and scientists will present trends in automated production in the Automation Area. Nanjing University, the supporting associations “Chinese Association of Automation“, “Jiangsu Automation Association“ and “Nanjing Automation & Instruments Association“, as well as national and international players were represented at the special show “Industrial Automation” in 2013.

On the right tracks
Last year, AMB China saw a 25 per cent increase in the number of trade visitors to more than 10,000.  After the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy retroactively included AMB China in its official international trade fair and exhibition calendar for 2014 due to its special significance for German foreign trade, organisers are now anticipating another boost in exhibitor and visitor figures this year.

Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH
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New small Swiss type late 12 mm capacity

After AMB, we discussed about the new Star SW 12 RII in Micronora. The company’s representatives are very confident that the machine may be a hit on the market.
A combination of the opposing gang-type tool post and the tool post designed for back 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control function eases quick and flexible machining of complicated parts.

Productivity, accuracy and high functionality
Based on the famous SW7, the machine has been designed to tackle challenges of today in term of productivity, accuracy and possibilities. With the 15’000 rpm main and counter spindles and 29 tool positions as well as many devices for operations like thread whirling, angular hole drilling, polygon processing, hobbing and more, the machine is perfectly in tune with a broad range of complex machining. With the independent tool gangs, roughing and finishing operations can be done simultaneously.

A few other characteristics

  • The guide bush and non-guide bush types can be switched over depending on the total workpiece length, and drastically reduces remnant material lengths.
  • The Star Motion Control System eliminates machine vibration by controlling the smooth spindle movement.
  • The built-in type main and sub spindles achieve improved indexing accuracy.
  • The back 8-spindle unit is equipped with Y-axis control function.

Want to know more about Star?
In Europe
Head office Europe
STAR Micronics AG
Lauetstrasse 3
CH-8112 Otelfingen
Tél. +41 43 411 60 60
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In Germany
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In France
STAR Machine Tool France
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Administration / Service
Tel. +33 450 96 05 97
Fax +33 450 96 91 54


Next occasion to meet with Star’s specialists? Bimu-Milan, Maktek-Istambul, TIB-Bucarest and Prodex-Basel.

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EVOL – a new trade show+ in Switzerland

At Micronora we discovered the first step of communication of a new trade show that will take place in Switzerland from October 14 to 16, 2015. EVOL: Exhibition for Vision, Optics and Laser.
This event will take place in the new Swiss Tech Convention Center of EPFL in Lausanne and will offer a new platform of exchange for Laser (including additive manufacturing), optics and metrology.

A new event with different assets
Meeting point of technologies and products of the future, EVOL will allow exhibitors to:

  • Show their products and assets with a good visibility
  • Take advantages of the EPFL location, i.e. meet with highly skilled specialists and start-ups
  • Benefit of high level meeting and conferences

We will come back on this event soon.


Encapsuled stainless steel screws diam. 0.99 mm x 0.34 mm

Micronora started yesterday and visitors can discover many microtechnology innovations. This morning, we put the light on a small French SME that presents amazing achievements in terms of micro-machining and micro-moulding.

At Micronora, companies active in "small and precise" are emphasizing their skills in those fields that become more and more important for micro-mechatronics and microtechnology.
At Micronora, companies active in “small and precise” are emphasizing their skills in those fields that become more and more important for micro-mechatronics and microtechnology. Example, the new encapsulated micro screw designed vy Vuillermoz Philippe SAS and decicated to high-end watchmaking.

Vuillermoz Philippe SAS has developed an encapsulated micro screw for one of its Swiss customers. It is an essential element for an innovative system of high-end mechanical watch movement. A patent has been filed and is pending.

Micromachining? It is certain.
The challenge faced was huge in terms of research and development, micro-machining and micro-injection where the tolerance on the diameter of the moulded part is 0.99 mm + 2 /-3 µ. The specialists of the company have done it and the parts are perfectly meeting the requirements. The company spokesman says: “Our customer was delighted as the result surpasses his expectations”. Despite of being a small company, every aim was respected (quality, technique, delivery time).

Amazing facts
Knowing that a gross grain of material weight 0,02 gram, it allows the production of 14 molded parts. The weights are very light: the total weight of the encapsuled part is 0.0051 gram, the weight of the single insert is of 0.0037 gram, the weight of the material on the part is of 0.0014 gram.

These skills and parts can be discover until Friday (as well as many other things of course) in Besançon.

Vuillermoz Philippe SAS
5 rue du Tomachon
39200 Saint-Claude
Tel.: +33 3 84 45 34 40
Fax: +33 3 84 45 34 50
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Micronora – Zoom on micro-mechatronics

That’s under the moto “Micro-mechatronics – from intelligent systems to the factory of the future” that Micronora opens its doors today in Besançon (till Friday).
Medical, aerospace, consumer goods, automotive for instance are, technologically speaking, feeding each other; however keeping a common point: the incompressible need to find components increasingly miniaturised for their products whose sophistication continues to escalate.

Focused on micro-mechatronics
Micro-mechatronics meets this goal by incorporating a strong dose of intelligence, creating systems needed to build the plants of tomorrow. Logically, Micronora, will therefore devote its Zoom animation to micro-mechatronics. The international fair of microtechnology and precision, which will be held from September 23 to 26, 2014 in Besançon, will illustrate this technological evolution by concrete examples in different application domains. The Zoom is open to all exhibitors who offer components, systems or solutions that incorporate micro-mechatronics. A large variety of manipulations, parts, applications, but also movies and photos, will allow the experts to illustrate these topics. This exhibition in the exhibition will be accompanied by a series of specialised conferences.

The Zoom?
Located in the heart of the exhibition (Gallery – entrance North 1) on an area of 300 m², the Zoom is organised by the Micronora Fair in partnership with Thesame and Pôle des Microtechniques of Franche-Comté. The Zoom is built into four cells covering the entire micro-mechatronics from design (1) to the means of production and control (2) till application fields (3). Finally the fourth cell will be dedicated to a micro manufacturing working chain presented as world premiere by the Japanese consortium DTF. This production chain is composed by five micro-machines and two robots. Each of these cells will present, in an educational way, different kind of industrial applications. Several manipulations or demonstrations of machines will be held for the duration of the exhibition.

It’s a week to go to Franche-Comté.




MNE 2014 starts today

The 40th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering, Lausanne, Switzerland – September 22 − 26, 2014, Venue: Swiss Tech Convention Center, EPFL
Over 800 persons have registered for MNE 2014 and the short course and exhibition are now full. On-site registration is still possible.

MNE 2014 Program Highlights
At the heart of MNE is the scientific program, and the organisers have the pleasure to announce outstanding keynote speakers with the MNE 2014 fellowship recipient Prof. Dieter Kern, the astronaut and space scientist, Prof. Claude Nicolier who will take attendess to a journey beyond the Earth’s gravity. Dr Burn Lin will present the microlectronics manufacturing research strategy at TSMC, the coordinator of the EU Flagship project Prof Jari Kinaret will share with us the latest advances with graphene, IBM’s fellow Dr Stuart Parkin will tell us about the exciting field of Magnetic Nanodevices and, last but not least, Prof. Albert van den Berg will present his worldwide recognized activities in Lab-on-a-Chip.  Additionally 19 world-leading invited speakers will complement this rich programme.


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