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Increased productivity. Is there anyone who is not familiar with this overused buzz word? However, it clearly indicates how great the demand for more efficient production and shorter throughput times is. Hainbuch announces the expansion of its modular system (to be seen at the next AMB).

The new face driver and Morse taper in the modular system from Hainbuch.
The new face driver and Morse taper in the modular system from Hainbuch.

Whether for series production or for single-piece manufacturing, complex parts, increasing costs for energy and materials, as well as delivery times that are becoming shorter and shorter, these factors must be taken into consideration. At Hainbuch this has been recognized and conceptually there has been a change away from “individual” clamping devices. Therefore, for years the clamping device manufacturer has relied on a user-friendly modular set-up system that enables fast and accurate change-overs in minimal time and at minimal expense. Whether for I.D. or O.D. clamping, saw cuts or bar work, the pull-back effect of the mounted add-on clamping elements enables solid clamping with optimum characteristics, such as high rigidity, vibration reduction, and maximum metal removal rates.

Clamping in all variants – when turning and milling
Therefore, the innovation is not only in the individual clamping devices themselves, but rather in the modular principle, which due to its diversity of application possibilities that drastically minimizes set-up times and decreases production downtimes. The jaw module came to reality to make this modular system usable for smaller quantities and material dimensions up to a diameter of 200 mm. Best of all: Together the two partners Toplus or a Spanntop chuck, and with the jaw module, do not just result in a jaw chuck with the proven wedge rod mechanism, rather they become a clamping solution for all situations. Mandrels and clamping heads can also be used in the basic unit. The new jaw module completes the circle and leads in a new clamping dimension that opens up even more possibilities for users – at less weight and with a smaller interference contour. In short: The perfect 3 in 1 combination – I.D. clamping, O.D. clamping, and jaw clamping.

To be precise
Shaft machining? With the new member of the family, the face driver adaption, this is no longer a problem. Clever, when you can machine a workpiece over its entire length. It is even cleverer, if in addition the re-clamping is not necessary anymore. Firstly, this increases concentric precision, secondly, the formal and position tolerances “stabilize”, and thirdly, our face driver adaption is also assembled in no time at all. Holding power? Excellent; the carbide pins dig into the end face of the shaft and transmit the torque. The advantages are very clear, high accuracy due to machining in one clamping set-up. Simply insert it in the clamping device, tighten the three screws, that’s it! And the Centrex interface ensures the perfect concentricity. The second practical clamping helper that Hainbuch has quite recently added to the product range is the Morse taper adaption [MK4]. It fortunately accommodates tools, centers, and face drivers perfectly together with the Hainbuch clamping devices. Just three screws separate this inner connection. As soon as these three screws are tightened, you also have optimal concentricity qualities, thanks to the Centrex interface. As you can see, in recent years the modular systems has come quite far in its further development and offers the user ever more possibilities.

Hainbuch at AMB 2014 in Stuttgart: Hall 1, booth 1E12

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