Medical manufacturing: the new Eldorado

Medical applications will be one of the highlights of the next Micronora 2014 trade show. Products with high added value and complex to manufacture, implants and other prosthesis, all require dedicated solutions that many exhibitors will offer. (Vous pouvez télécharger cet article en français ici).

Attracted by a burgeoning market, manufacturers of equipment for the manufacture of implants, prostheses and other medical products offer solutions to an industry that leaves no room for improvisation. The global medical devices market, whose annual turnover exceeds EUR 200 billion, records a growth of more than 6% per year.

The complementarity of skills is to be seen at Micronora
The machining of implants and prostheses, both for dental and orthopedics applications requires machines and programming softwares adapted to the specific requirements of the medical industry. A near-perfect surface quality is essential for implants, condition to be tolerated by the human body. In addition, workshops that work for this area are facing machining of very hard and difficult materials as cobalt-chrome alloys, titanium, stainless steels, ceramics. Those require extremely rigid machine tools and resistant cutting tools. High speed machining centers or automatic lathes have automated means of loading and unloading of parts. Those production means are therefore able to work 24 hours a day and can be controlled by operators without specialist knowledge in medical manufacturing.

Custom solutions
Users can use intelligent solutions, such as roughing and finishing by shift of forms, end machining or machining on 5 axes. These approaches simplify the programming of complex geometries, ensure a high quality of surfaces and reduce machining time. Painful, long and costly finishing operations are reduced to the bare. The use of shorter tools and therefore more stable, allows machining high walls and steep parts. Other manufacturers offer original solutions, such as machining by laser or ultrasonic. The arrival of sources with short pulses opens new avenues in the field of machining. And indeed the well-known machining by removal of material like high precision turning has not yet said its last word.



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