New Vacu- Vise clamping system from Horst Witte Geraetebau

Vacu-Vise is a clamping method using vacuum as an alternative to conventional vises operated pneumatically, hydraulically or mechanically.

Form- fitting work piece clamping with vacuum clamping technology.
Form- fitting work piece clamping with vacuum clamping technology.

This clamping system consists of a specially designed vacuum chuck and two clamping jaws, which are mounted on a rigid, but resiliently deformable support plate. When vacuum is switched on, the support plate is drawn into a trough and deformed in such a way that the clamping jaws tip towards each other and thereby clamp the work piece securely with great force.

Easy and efficient…
Especially advantageous – when a vacuum supply is already in use on a machine – this new clamping method offers an extended effective use of the “medium” vacuum. Wherever dimensions of a work piece and cutting forces no longer permit conventional vacuum clamping, there is now a possibility of strong and if necessary additional form-fitting work piece clamping with this new clamping system.

…also when it is complicated
For example, if on a milling center several consecutive processes require re-clamping of a part are required and the remaining surfaces for direct vacuum clamping are too small, this innovative clamping technology can be used.  One system has already been implemented in the medical field, and amongst other things is in use for manufacturing plastic elements for knee implants.

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