TISIS 1.4, new developments for the end of the year

The first immediately noticeable change in this new version of the Tornos tool is in the name of the product: from now on, the software suite will be called “TISIS” which stands for “Tornos ISO Swiss Integrated Solution”.
But there is much more to discover, see the menu for the latest developments.

The TISIS software suite features a new TISIS-Screen application for monitoring the machine inventory. This Windows application is an add-on supplied with the connectivity pack and also enables machine tool support catalogues or workpiece programs to be transferred or recovered.

Swiss GT26 & CT20
With the arrival of two new machines to the Tornos product range – the Swiss GT26 & CT20 – TISIS is the perfect addition for programming workpieces on these machines. Moreover, TISIS now offers program models in inches.

Workpiece time
One of the key new developments in TISIS version 1.4 is the calculation of the workpiece time. This value is actually calculated automatically when the workpiece is programmed. The following values are displayed: Workpiece time in seconds [s], Number of workpieces per minute [p/min] and Number of workpieces per hour [p/h].

Time diagram
In addition to automatically calculating the workpiece time, TISIS displays a time diagram based on the operations and the synchronisations between them. This is in the form of a Gantt chart, as this also enables the critical path to be displayed, giving a visual representation of the operations influencing workpiece time. The diagram is also refreshed automatically. It is also possible to display the time columns directly alongside the workpiece program.

TISIS WebStore
The design and features of the TISIS website have been updated: the new graphic design links to the official Tornos site. Its interface is now available in multiple languages (FR, DE, EN etc.) and customers have secure access to activate and manage their TISIS3 licences, or even subscribe to the newsletter (to stay up-to-date on the available upgrades and new developments, etc.).

If you have yet to purchase the TISIS software, it can be downloaded from the Tornos WebStore for a free 30-day trial here: http://store.tornos.com


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75% faster with spiral-fluted PCD step drill

A proven means of making production processes more effective is to combine several machining operations in one tool. However, this creates a very high volume of chips that have to be reliably controlled and efficiently discharged.

The spiral-fluted high-performance drill with PCD cutting edges reduces the machining times by 75%.
The spiral-fluted high-performance drill with PCD cutting edges reduces the machining times by 75%.

The new spiral-fluted PCD step drill from Mapal ensures optimum chip transport so that extreme reductions in machining time for drilling and boring processes in aluminium parts are possible. Where previously three tools were necessary for piloting, deep hole drilling and boring, these three operations can now be performed with just one tool in a single shot.

Optimum chip removal and reduced heat input into the part
Several features are crucial for the exceptional performance of the new PCD step drill, and these have to be perfectly matched. The spiral-fluted chip spaces, in particular, contribute to a very good chip transport out of the bore and ensure that there is no congestion of chips even at the transition from the solid drilling to the boring step. The right flute geometry and pitch is crucial for this, and the chip flutes are also polished over the whole length of the drill to minimise the friction of the chips. The PCD blades embedded perfectly into the spiral of the solid drilling and boring step result in a good cutting behaviour of the drill. This reduces the heat input into the part compared with conventional drills with straight flutes. And finally the correct position of the coolant outlets for MQL machining is crucial for the performance of the drill so that the aerosol reaches the points where lubrication is necessary. This reduces the risk of build-up edges and naturally also helps to prolong the tool life of the drill.

Producing spark plug bores 75% faster
One application example is the spark plug bore in a cylinder head of AlSi6Cu4. The bore is produced on a machining centre with minimum quantity lubrication, making the controlled removal of the chips from the bore particularly important. At a spindle speed of n = 5,600 rpm and a feed rate of vf = 2,500 mm/min, the one-shot solution from Mapal reduces the cycle time by 75%. That corresponds to a time saving of 42 seconds for a cylinder head for a 4-cylinder engine, offering a significant boost in profitability and productivity.

MAPAL Fabrik für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG
Obere Bahnstraße
D-73431 Aalen
Phone: +49 7361 585-0
Fax: +49 7361 585-150
[email protected]


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mAm 2015 – registration open – speaker program on line

Micronarc Alpine Meeting (mAm 2015) – The Microproducts Annual Meeting, 6th edition will take place from February 1 to 3, 2015 at Villars-sur-Ollon.
Following in the success of the first Five editions, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting 2015 will continue its focus on Microproducts. The mAm 2015 program is on-line. The final speaker slots will be confirmed shortly.

5 reasons why you should not miss mAm 2015 :

  • Excellent speakers and program.
  • Single track format.
  • Ideal conference size for quality networking.
  • Superb venue.
  • Day passes available.

In order to benefit from a reduced price, you should register on or before January 9, 2015.

Please go here for more information and to register.


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Watchmaking design as highlight

The international days of watchmaking marketing (JIMH) will address the watchmaking design and how to build up an icon. With this evocative theme, the 18th edition will take place on December 4, 2014, in La Chaux-de-Fonds (in French). The unmistakable watchmaking rendezvous of the end of the year has just presented the outline of its program.
Quick glance on the themes

  • Esthetic conventions and design
  • How to understand new design trends
  • How is design perceived in the watchmaking world – experts discussion
  • How to position design in the digital world
  • Internal design vs. External design
  • The 3 best communications of the day of reseach in watchmaking marketing

Two days event
As usual, the event is divided into two sections covering the theme. The 18th international watchmaking marketing day itself will take place on December 4, 2014, at the Théâtre de l’Heure Bleue in La Chaux-de-Fonds and will be preceded by its academic component (the 9th day of research in watchmaking marketing (JRMH)), on December 3, 2014 at the Arc high school of management in Neuchâtel.
Tentative programme and other information on the event can be found here www.marketinghorloger.ch

An event not to miss
Every year when Winter comes we know that an event of quality will take place in La Chaux-de-Fonds for everyone interested in watchmaking and marketing. That’s the best place to go to open our eyes and minds… I’m happy to think I’ll be there again!

Pierre-Yves Kohler

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High Performance Taps for higher cutting speeds and tool life

Noris taps for processing a wide variety of steel alloys, cast iron and various non-ferrous alloys are well known under the names Salorex Uni for blind holes and Stabil Uni for through-hole. Reime Noris now extends the Uni series to high performance taps made of HSSE-PM (HSS-PS) with improved cutting geometry and TiCN coating.

Noris Stabil Uni HSS-PS TiCN in machining situation through hole: Chips are evacuated in the cutting direction.
Noris Stabil Uni HSS-PS TiCN in machining situation through hole: Chips are evacuated in the cutting direction.

Noris Salorex Uni – the specialist for deep blind hole threads up to 3xD thread depth – has 42 ° right-hand helix flutes. These provide a secure chip removal against the cutting direction. Noris Stabil Uni stands for the production of through hole threads up to 4xD thread depth. The special Stabil-flutes move the chips in the cutting direction. The drills are available in metric sizes from M3 to M20 and M8x1 to M16x1,5 in stock.

Significant performance gains
In both versions, the use of powder metallurgical high-speed steel permits higher cutting speeds while increasing the tool life. The user benefits by increasing the cycle times and a reduction in tool costs. With the ability to process a very wide range of materials, additional cost of storage and tool investment can be reduced. The proven cutting edge geometries were further optimized in detail. They are specially adapted to the characteristics of the HSSE-PM substrate and the coating. Reime Noris thus promises significant performance gains and expects especially in the production of small- and medium-sized series, the greatest economic advantages of using these high performance taps.

Reime Noris GmbH,
Gewindetechnologie – Threading Technology
Gugelhammerweg 11, 90537 Feucht, Germany
Phone: +49 9128 91 16 0
Fax: +49 9128 91 16 10
[email protected]


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More versions, more power – the new DCX motors and GPX gearboxes

Now even stronger, more efficient and with yet more combination options: There are new additions to the maxon family of X drive products. Several long versions of brushed DC motors, with higher torques and more power, are being added to the product range, together with matching planetary gearheads. Each of the 3-stage versions can now be combined with the next smaller motor. This saves space, weight and costs.
Two years ago, maxon motor presented a new generation of brushed DC motors – the maxon X drives. These are extremely powerful, easy to configure online, and ready for shipment within 11 days. Now, four more motor sizes are being added to the existing portfolio. The 14, 16, 22 and 26 mm diameter models are now each available in a long version (L), which offers higher continuous torque and higher continuous output power.

Motors, planetary gearheads
At the same time, maxon motor is presenting four new GPX planetary gearheads, in the sizes 14, 19, 26 and 37 mm, which feature perfect compatibility. All of these gearheads are designed with scaled gear stages. The biggest news is that each of the new 3-stage gearheads can be driven with the next smaller motor. This brings many advantages, as the resulting drive system is smaller, lighter and more economical.

..and much more
That’s not all: Starting immediately, the existing GPX 16 and GPX 32 models are available in various versions and can be equipped with ceramic axles to reduce wear. Customers looking for a particularly low-noise gearhead have the option of choosing plastic planet gears. maxon has also expanded the encoder portfolio. The new ENX 16 Easy absolute encoder is available as an SSI or BiSS-C version, according to the customer’s requirements. All new products are available in the online shop starting immediately. They can be easily configured together with the other maxon X drive products: Customers choose the desired motor, the matching winding, brushes and shaft length, as well as the gearhead and encoder. The configured product is ready for shipment in 11 days or less. For more information, go to dcx.maxonmotor.com.

maxon motor ag
Brünigstrasse 220
P.O. Box 263
CH-6072 Sachseln
Tel:+41 41 666 15 00
Fax:+41 41 666 16 50
[email protected]


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Meeting place for the MEM industry

Till tomorrow night all eyes in the MEM industry will be on Basel at Prodex and Swisstech on the banks of the Rhine. With its cutting-edge infrastructure, the new exhibition hall promises to provide the perfect platform.

The MEM industry is constantly faced with new challenges as a result of rapid, dynamic and increasingly complex manufacturing processes. Greater efficiency across the board is therefore the order of the day. The hype surrounding 3D printing and “Industry 4.0” also shows no sign of diminishing, and the MEM industry needs to respond to this: not only are the exhibitors showcasing a very extensive range, but the topics will also be tackled in several forums.

Innovations and current trends
Metals and plastics will take it in turns to be the focus of the forum programme at PRODEX and SWISSTECH during the four-day events. Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 November will be metal-themed days, while Wednesday 19 and Friday 21 will be devoted to plastics. Each morning will feature several interdisciplinary talks on “Professional 3D printing”.

From a concept to a finished product
Modern tools and innovative technologies are making it quicker and easier to develop new products. In the “Product Development” science park, universities and institutions will be showing off their design and construction expertise on each of the four days – from simulations right through to finished products. In the nearby forum, held in the afternoons, the relevant speakers will address the topics of training, research, design and construction in even more detail.

The combined force of Swiss innovation available on one ticket
A joint ticket and strictly segregated hall space ensure that the two top trade fairs are given the perfect setting in the new Hall 1 complex at Messe Basel. Come and experience the combined force of Swiss innovation.

The next Prodex and Swisstech trade fairs will take place from 15 to 18 November 2016 at Messe Basel.