Robobar SBF 326e: Entry-level bar feeder

Hitherto, Tornos Delta and Gamma machines were fed by Tornos SBF 320 feeders. Capable of covering a diameter range from 3 to 20 mm, these feeders gave customers using these machines a quality loader offering an excellent price-performance ratio.
Since the release of the new Swiss ST 26 and Swiss GT 26 machines, SBF 320 feeders could no longer cover the range of diameters required by these new products, with a bar capacity of 25.4 mm. This is what gave rise to the Robobar SBF 326e feeder, and decomag wanted to find out more.

An ultra-versatile feeder
The Robobar SBF 326e feeder is certainly one of the most versatile in terms of the range of machines covered; it can actually be fitted on Swiss GT 26, Swiss ST 26 and CT 20 machines, and can efficiently cover the full diameter range of these machines. With round or hexagonal bar loading capability, it provides great rigidity, making it simple to harness the full potential of the new Tornos machines.

Complete equipment
Featuring an easy-to-use external control system, the feeder has a manual adjustment scope and an anti-vibration device on the rear of the spindle, capable of taking up to 26 bars 10 mm in diameter. The Robobar SBF 326e also provides good working autonomy, enabling users to complete a full 8 hours’ production. The new Robobar SBF 326 is now available in 3 versions, 3 metres, 12 feet and 4 metres.

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