Opera Perfetta – just perfect!

Swiss company TS Décolletage SA has its headquarters in Bedano in the canton of Ticino and specialises in special turned parts (TS = Torniture Speciali). It is an SME that has carved itself out a reputation for excellence. Making the absolutely impossible possible is the motto by which the two company owners, Cifà and Pedretti, run their business.
And the only way this is possible is in partnership with companies who really deliver, such as Tornos and Motorex. Once again, the kind of machining fluid used is crucial to production results, as the success story with Ortho NF-X 15 (manufactured in the Sottoceneri area of Switzerland) goes to show.

High precision turning in Ticino
Specialist bar-turning companies are relatively thin on the ground in Ticino, despite the presence in Switzerland’s southernmost canton of a number of production facilities belonging to manufacturers of international renown representing a wide range of technology sectors. TS Décolletage SA has therefore been able to establish working relationships with well-known customers from the medical and dental industries, the electronics industry and the aerospace industry, as well as other industries such as the micromotor-construction industry.

“Perfetto” with Motorex Ortho NF-X
After their experiences with products from other lubricant suppliers, the value of using the optimal machining fluid really hit home with the company’s owners. At first glance, one type of cutting oil may appear to be very much the same as another, but it is when they are used for demanding applications that the differences really start to show in terms of the dimensional accuracy, finish (average peak-to-valley height), tool life and part-machining time that can be achieved. It was at this point that the universal high-performance cutting oil Ortho NF-X from Motorex revealed its intrinsic qualities, demonstrating a significant reduction in the time it took to machine the part intended for use in the medical industry mentioned above – an unbelievable 31% when put to the test!

Pays off from every aspect
It goes without saying that this feat was achieved whilst still complying with the strict tolerances and required finish. With Swisscut Ortho NF-X machining fluid, which is free from chlorine and heavy metals, Motorex has, using this very same cutting oil, succeeded in perfectly machining high-alloy steel grades or implant steels, as well as non-ferrous heavy metals and aluminium. This is an absolute first in modern manufacturing technology, and ensures a maximum of latitude for the user. It allows the machining fluid to be used throughout the whole company without restrictions, for all machines and machining processes. This is also extremely beneficial from a logistical point of view, and means that it certainly pays off from a financial point of view.

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