Secure machining of deep internal grooves

The recently introduced CoroCut® QD concept for deep external grooving and parting off from Sandvik Coromant, now adds internal machining to the application range of these secure and reliable tools.
internal groove
The CoroCut QD system from October 1st will include CoroTurn® SL blades for deep grooves in internal machining. The modularity of the CoroTurn SL interface enables tool assemblies to be optimized for the specific application.

High process security
Internal grooving and parting off with long overhangs require stability and tooling solutions that keep vibration to a minimum. The stable clamping mechanism on the CoroCut QD tools is now supported by the possibility to use Silent Tools™ dampened boring bars for vibration-free machining with long overhangs. For tube-shaped components, typically found in the oil and gas industry, this is welcome news enabling deep internal grooving to be machined with high process security.

As with the previously introduced CoroCut QD tools, the extended assortment features over- and under coolant. The over coolant takes care of chip control while the under coolant prolongs tool life, together further adding to securing the machining process.


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