Spain’s biggest pre-arranged meeting event on May 26-29, 2015

Subcontratación, the International Fair of Manufacturing Processes & Equipment, is to place more emphasis on B2B meetings at its 2015 edition, increasing investment and efforts in a campaign to invite hosted buyers to take part in its programme of pre-arranged meetings.


The possibility of taking part in the European Industrial Subcontracting Meetings is one of the major attractions of the event, which is to be the biggest pre-arranged B2B meeting event held in Spain to date. The types of supplier in which purchasers are most interested include subcontractors from sectors such as casting, cutting and forming, machining, bar cutting, heat treatment, surface coating, moulds and dies, electronics, plastics and rubber, stamping, automotive components, assemblies and subassemblies. Deadline for early bird admission 15.01.2015

Demanding fields of activities
The areas of activity in most demand from purchasers are currently the automotive, railway, energy, oil and gas and electronics industries, along with capital goods, machine tools and water treatment. The aeronautics industry is to have its own dedicated forum for meetings in Aerotrends, where subcontractors can meet new customers and develop broader views of the aerospace supply chain. On this occasion efforts to attract purchasers will focus mainly on France and Germany once the January 15 deadline for preferential registration passes and the real needs of exhibitors can be analysed. A programme of talks and roundtables on trends in the sector organised by Hegan is to round out the event.

A new area dedicated to composite materials
Consumption of composite materials is expected to undergo major growth in the next few years. Their use is spreading to more and more applications and sectors. As a new attraction, this edition of Subcontratación is to feature a specific area dedicated to composites, organised jointly by the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa and the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. This area is to include exhibitors from all points of the value chain in the manufacturing of components from composites, ranging from raw material supplies to mould manufacture, processing, manufacturing technologies, design and research.

Many sectors
The Subcontratación exhibition area will also have sections allocated to companies working in manufacturing processes such as casting, the machining of workpieces by cutting, moulds, models, dies and die-casting, machinery and equipment for casting, forging, surface treatment, welding and steel making.

The campaign for Subcontratación is going well, and more than 50% of the floorspace available has already been booked. A striking feature is the number of repeat exhibitors. The firms that took part in the 2013 event obtain positive results, so many of them will be back next year with their sights set on once again meeting their main commercial goals. Surveys reveal that 90% of them indicated that they had met potential customers of interest to their operations at the event, and 75% stated that the contacts made had resulted in orders and projects after the fair.


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