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Rollomatic presented its GrindSmart 528XF for the first time at GrindTec 2014 in Augsburg. Since then, a number of tool manufacturers all over the world are using this innovative and flexible tool grinding machine, which has established an outstanding new benchmark thanks to its innovative design and precision. One major advantage of the GrindSmart 528XF over other machines available on the market is that it has the capability to grind extremely long drilling tools with diameters of less than 3 mm.

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GrindSmart®528XF allows tool manufacturers to grind drilling tools with an extreme length-to-diameter ratio of 200 × D. Photos: Rollomatic SA.

With the GrindSmart 528XF, Rollomatic, the Swiss grinding machine manufacturer from Le Landeron, is taking the process of grinding drills with extreme length-to-diameter ratios to a completely new level. Not long after GrindTec 2014, the leading trade fair for grinding technology, the first customers worldwide were won over by its outstanding performance. The GrindSmart 528XF has been designed for grinding tools with diameters of 0.5 to 12 mm and thanks to a new, innovative guiding system, even a length of 200 × D is possible –with a repeatability accuracy of less than 2 µm!

Extreme dimensions are no problem!
Small drill diameters require extremely small coolant holes which must be detected by the machine. “Very often super long drill are designed with mini coolant holes,” explains Philippe Uebelhart, Managing Director at Rollomatic SA. “For this purpose, a CCD camera that can detect coolant holes with a diameter as small as 0.05 mm can be easily integrated in the GrindSmart 528XF.”

With this new machine model, tool manufacturers will also benefit from a wide-ranging, flexible selection of tools that can be ground. “Whether we’re dealing with high-performance drilling tools or standard and specialty milling cutters including those with stepped-down necks, the GrindSmart 528XF is the solution and it offers a unique selling point on the market ,” says Philippe Uebelhart.

The GrindSmart 528XF is fitted as standard with a compact tool loader and loading magazine for up to 1,000 workpieces as well as with a compact grinding wheel changer that can accommodate up to six wheel packs. In addition, to save time the machine can change the wheel packs and the tools simultaneously. Philippe Uebelhart “The many unique selling points of this machine will help our customers to safeguard their competitive edge on the tool market.”

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