SIAMS 2016 – for exhibitors and visitors

SIAMS announces a lot of improvements for the 2016 edition of SIAMS to be held in Moutier from April 19th till 22nd, 2016. Given the success of 2014, the satisfaction of the exhibitors and the 17,000 registered visitors, the organizers decided to raise the bar even higher for the 2016 edition. 

The new image of SIAMS is not yet fully determinated. Well publish it as soon as available.
The new image of SIAMS is not yet fully determinated. We will publish it as soon as available.

The 2014 edition of the microtechnology trade fair closed with great success. More than 80% of the exhibitors of SIAMS 2014 said they wanted to participate in the 2016 edition of this fair that has managed to secure its place as an indispensable event for all active players in the field of microtechnology. “If our customers are loyal, it is because over the years we have developed a product that exactly matches their needs and requirements. For four days and in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, they can get ‘in touch’ with all levels of the microtechnology production chain” Pierre-Yves Kohler, the new CEO of SIAMS explains, who brings a new touch to a full 27 years of success. Francis Koller, the delegate of the board, specifies: “The 2016 edition will bring quite a lot of new things but will, of course, preserve all those things that have ensured the success of SIAMS until today.”

Development of the details that make a difference
SIAMS is well-positioned and clearly presents itself as a specialist fair, but specific elements of its nomenclature were outdated and the organizers have now completed and simplified it. Additive manufacturing clearly has its place in microtechnology but was not part of the fair nomenclature, for instance. “We try to think like our customers, that’s good. But asking them directly, is even better”, Pierre-Yves Kohler explains in the preamble to the formation of the SIAMS Exhibitors’ Committee. In fact, to improve its performance, the fair has set up a committee that brings together companies representing the different products shown and different language regions.
Its declared purpose? To allow customers (whether or not fans of SIAMS) to share their expectations and ideas. “We are convinced that this committee will provide benefits to the exhibitors and SIAMS alike”, Francis Koller added.

A Rejuvenated Image
The registration dossiers for SIAMS 2016 will be sent in June and, on this occasion, anyone interested will be able to discover the new image of the fair. “The goal was not to change for change’s sake, but the image of SIAMS had changed very little in recent years. A dynamic trade fair, which reinvents itself, also needs to revitalize its image”, Pierre-Yves Kohler declared.

Full Halls
For the 15th edition, the organizers expect about 450 exhibitors. The new exhibition halls with a floor space of 7,660 m2 will be completed by then. While registration is not yet possible, a large number of exhibitors confirm their intentions to register every week. The online posting of the registration forms on the website is scheduled for June 22nd, 2015 (the website you will reach till June is still the old one indeed).

In the meantime you can contact the organisers at [email protected]