BIG KAISER lightweight angle head increases accuracy and productivity

BIG KAISER, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and watch-making industries, today announced the AG90 Light Weight Type with BT30 (BIG-PLUS) taper, a fixed 90-degree angle head.

Angle head lightweight type, cutter haed adjustable 360

Part of the BIG KAISER family of angle heads, new AG90 Light Weight Type weighs less than 2kg. This makes it one of the lightest angle heads in the world, and it is therefore compatible with the automatic tool change of small machines.

By allowing vertical, horizontal and angular operations without repositioning the workpiece, BIG KAISER angle heads increase accuracy and productivity. Being able to use just a single set-up, and to easily change the angle of the cutter over a 360 degree range, speeds up production and eliminates errors due to multiple set-ups.

Angle heads enable users to benefit from new capabilities without replacing their current machining center, saving the cost of a new machine.

“The new AG90 combines advanced design features and high quality components, while keeping its weight down to the absolute minimum,” says Peter Elmer, CEO of BIG KAISER. “It complements our existing range of angle heads, which enable customers to find the right solution for almost any application.”

The AG90’s compact design minimizes overhang, which adds rigidity and strength. The minimized overhang also helps to eliminate interference with the ATC and adjacent storage pockets in the tool magazine.

An advanced non-contact seal prevents coolant and particle contamination better than other sealing methods. A unique coolant jacket efficiently directs coolant coming through the stop block to the tool cutting edge, while simultaneously cooling the angle head.

To minimize noise and vibration, the AG90 is made from superior quality components, including hardened and ground chrome-nickel steel spiral bevel gears, super precision hardened and ground spindles, and high precision angular contact ball bearings.

BIG KAISER provides many different types of angle heads such as the AG90 family for milling and drilling or the AGU30 with adjustable angle. In addition, numerous special options can be ordered, and the angle head is available in a wide range of tapers, lengths and designs.