MachineWorks New Software Development

MachineWorks Software sets the standard for CNC Simulation and Verification component software in the industry. More than 60% of CAM developers in the world have integrated MachineWorks technology into their applications and benefited from MachineWorks’ cutting-edge functionality since 1994.


What’s New in MachineWorks?
The forthcoming MachineWorks release contains many exciting developments, one of them being the support of cloud-based applications for CNC simulation and verification. This new feature allows networked devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops to visualise MachineWorks simulations running in the cloud.
A new geometry query API makes rendering integration much easier for applications. It has been designed to be future-proof and flexible.
Customers who use both MachineWorks and Polygonica will benefit from a new API to provide a seamless transition between the toolkits, allowing direct and efficient transfer of geometry and associated data.Real-time gouge detection has been extended to support more machining types, including linear, rotational, arc and B-axis turning and multi-axis wire EDM.
Although Rapidcut simulation was already extremely fast, the new multithreaded Rapidcut engine makes it even faster by taking advantage of multi-core CPUs.
Where is MachineWorks embedded?
Leading CAM software suppliers, CNC Controller and CNC Machine Tool manufacturers from across the world integrate MachineWorks’ industry-proven APIs into their software applications in order to create systems with complex simulation, real-time verification and look ahead collision detection in the full envelope of the machine.
Tools up MachineWorks’ Sleeve
MachineWorks also provides tools for toolpath optimisation, for healing solids and for easy integration such as MachineWorks Simulator that produces a working prototype within a day and help customers get quickly to market. MachineWorks Support team is there for the customers every step of the way and continue to provide support and innovative solutions throughout the full extent of the partnership, becoming an invaluable asset for the developers using MachineWorks.

Use of MachineWorks
MachineWorks functionality offers real-time simulation and verification for any type of CNC machining including kinematics, multi-axis, mill-turn, robotics, Swiss-type turning, Wire EDM, hybrid machining (subtractive + additive manufacturing) with features such as on-the-fly crash and gouge check, target part comparison, material removal and infinite zooming.

Micronora 2016: cap sur l’automobile de demain

Les sous-traitants automobiles, plus innovants que jamais…
La véritable tornade technologique qui secoue l’automobile changera sans doute le visage de cette vieille industrie.


Cet essor est une bonne nouvelle pour les sous-traitants microtechniques, fournisseurs attitrés de l’industrie automobile. La voiture de demain, intelligente et électrique, faite de métal mais aussi de plastique et de composites, bourrée d’informatique, ne pourra pas voir le jour sans ces derniers.
Une raison de plus de ne pas rater leurs innovations au prochain salon Micronora 2016, spécialisé dans les domaines de la précision, miniaturisation, et fonctions complexes qui aura lieu du 27 au 30 septembre à Besançon (France).

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Automotive sub-contractors, more innovative than ever…
The genuine technological whirlwind that is shaking up the automotive sector will definitely change the face of this old industry.
This boom is good news for microtechnological sub-contractors and suppliers attracted by the automotive industry. The intelligent, electric car of the future, made of metal but also of plastic and composites, and packed with IT technology, will not see the light of day without microtechnology.
Yet another reason not to miss the latest innovations at the upcoming Micronora 2016 trade fair, specialising in high-precision, miniaturisation and integration of complex functions, which will take place from 27 to 30 September in Besançon, France.

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Die Automobilzulieferer, innovativer als je zuvor…
Der wahrhaftige technologische Wirbelsturm, der die Automobilbranche in Aufruhr bringt, wird zweifellos das Antlitz dieser althergebrachten Industrie verändern.
Dieser neue Aufschwung ist verheißend für die Mikrotechnikzulieferer als etablierte Lieferanten der Automobilindustrie. Das intelligente und elektrische Auto der Zukunft, das sowohl aus Metall als auch aus Kunststoff und Verbundstoffen besteht und mit IT vollgepackt ist, kann ohne sie nicht das Licht der Welt erblicken.
Dies ist ein weiterer Grund, um ihre Innovationen nicht zu verpassen bei der kommenden Micronora-Messe 2016, bei der die Präzision, Miniaturisierung und komplexe Funktionen im Mittelpunkt stehen, und die vom 27. bis 30. September in Besançon (Frankreich) stattfinden wird.

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Schuler completes takeover of AWEBA Werkzeugbau German high-tech company will be fully consolidated as of July 1, 2016 / Takeover opens up new market segments for die construction business

Schuler AG has completed the takeover of German die construction specialist Aweba. Following approval from the relevant anti-trust authorities, Schuler – the market leader in forming technology – has now closed the acquisition process. As of July 1, 2016, Schuler will thus become the sole owner of Aweba Werkzeugbau GmbH Aue. The Aweba Group is one of the world’s leading full-service providers of dies and fixtures.


Schuler CEO Stefan Klebert commented: “Aweba’s outstanding technological expertise in die construction is a perfect fit for our portfolio with major benefits for the customers of both companies. The acquisition and subsequent pooling of resources in die construction will add further momentum to Schuler’s growth.”

In the past fiscal year 2015, Aweba generated sales revenue of around € 60 million. The Aweba Group employs around 600 people, including almost 200 highly skilled engineers and toolmakers. In future, they will work together with Schuler’s existing die construction specialists in a single division.

Aweba CEO Udo Binder stated: “The previously separate activities of Schuler and AWEBA in the field of die construction complement each other perfectly. There is hardly any overlap. Schuler’s global market standing gives us the platform to present ourselves to customers as a global system supplier within a strong group.”

Aweba currently supplies clients in the automotive and electrical industries, as well as machine and plant manufacturers. Schuler signed the purchase agreement with the previous owners of the company (private and institutional investors) on April 13, subject to approval of the relevant anti-trust authoritie