GrindTec 2018 – Demand for exhibition space higher than ever

From every viewpoint the last GrindTec was the most successful ever. With 577 exhibitors, 17,950 visitors and 42,000 m² exhibition space it achieved three new records – very satisfactory for the GrindTec organisers AFAG. And at least equally successful for the exhibiting companies: In 2016 they assessed their participation as better than ever, as was shown by the representative survey carried out by the trade fair market researcher Gelsus, Dortmund.

In 2018 the leading trade fair for grinding technology could well increase once again, as is indicated by the high amount of registrations already received by the Project Management, around a third more than they had received by the same date two years ago. Of these about 10 per cent are new exhibitors or those who had missed out one or more exhibitions. Of course we must take into account that the majority of companies always register early, as the GrindTec is definitely the can’t miss event of the sector.

Hall planning will already start in May
Due to the high amount of registrations received, hall planning will already start in May, contrary to previous events. So the Project Management highly recommends all companies that are interested in participating at the GrindTec to send in their applications as soon as possible, together with any requests for positioning. This makes it easier for us to accommodate your requests. The documentation for participation can be downloaded from the GrindTec homepage at:

WWK Arena: Improved access
The addition of the WWK-Arena at the previous event proved to be a great success. About 500 guests attended the Exhibitors’ Evening “A Night at the Arena”, which had been transferred to the exclusive Business Centre of the Augsburg stadium, a move that was highly praised. The 2018 Exhibitors’ Evening will also take place there.

As in 2016 the parking area of the stadium will again be available for all visitors, who arrive in their own cars. An advantage here is that the B17 motorway between the WWK-Arena and the Augsburg Fairgrounds has been enlarged from 2 to 3 lanes. This means that even during the heavy morning rush hour the shuttle busses shouldn’t need longer than 5 minutes to take the GrindTec visitors to the entrances of the trade fair.