High-performing transfer machine

The TFL 400 rotary transfer machine has been designed for a large production volume.

The TFL 400 features a three-position revolving tool change system, is equipped with a HSK 63 taper and can also be equipped to house facing heads as well. It is described as highly reliable and capable of changing the tool without chip or coolant contamination from adjacent machining units. Available with six to twelve work stations, whereby one or two of them can be used to load and unload workpieces, the transfer machine features a rotary table that ranges from 2,000 to 2,400 mm in diameter according to the number of stations. It is fitted with a rotating clamping fixture for each station, with an innovative rotation system that ensures faster rotation times than the direct-drive solution. In addition, as the Italian exhibitors point out, maximum positioning accuracy and stiffness during machining is effectively ensured through a triple Hirth coupling. Its excellent reliability and performance is said to make the TFL 400 a technologically more advanced machine in comparison to the competition available during recent years.