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Sterilizable Motors EC 13 and EC Size 5

Small, precise and extremely fast! Maxon presents the sterilizable 50 Watt drives “EC Size 5” and “EC 13” For the use in high speed medical applications of up to 90’000 rpm. Stand-alone, or as motor/gear combination, the drives stand out by high power, extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation, marginal heat generation and minimal size – welcome characteristics particularly in medical handheld power tools.



All models are designed the same way and comparable in terms of performance and characteristics. On the other hand, their external dimension is suitable for the geographic market for which it is intended. Size 5 variant are consistent with the US dimensions: Customary Units. Their diameter is therefore of half-inch while the shaft is 0.125 inch. Motors are also equipped with “Servo Mount”, a type of fixing system widespread on this market. On the contrary, the EC 13 variant / GP 13 is intended for markets that use metric: outside diameter is 13 mm and the shaft is 3 mm. The motor is equipped with a flat flange with 3 threads on the front.


  • Hand tools that can be sterilized, such as bone saw, bone drilling and grinding machine
  • Dermatological and dental tools
  • Infusion pumps
  • ECG
  • Therapy aid, analysis and dialysis equipment

For every market
Maxon motor proposes solutions suited to every market… based on the same powerful characteristics. A special compact design particularly adapted for medical use, a very high nominal speed, quiet running, minimized heat generation and sterilizability in the autoclave. The motors are available with Hall sensors or sensorless and with three different windings. The gearheads come in reductions of one, two or three levels  with or without output end shaft seal.

Sterilisation information

  • Sterilisation with steam
  • Temperature +134°C ± 4°C
  • Compression pressure up to 2.3 bar
  • Rel. humidity 100 %
  • Cycle length 20 minutes

More information can be found here.

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Hiwin: from component supplier to system experts

At this year’s Hannover Fair, linear technology specialist Hiwin presented its skills in delivering complete solutions. Since 1993, date of its foundation, the German company, subsidiary of Taiwanese Hiwin Technologies Corporation has been recognized as universal provider in the field of linear motion. Its product range covers complete positioning systems with linear motor axes, ball screw linear axes as well as measuring systems.

Hiwin provides linear motion system solutions for many applications. At the Hannover Fair, customers were able to discover a PCB Assembly machine equipped with linear motor axes.

Through a Europe-wide network of offices, sales offices and agents Hiwin implements solutions for a wide number of applications for its customers and users. Hiwin offers extensive experience for instance in pick and place applications, assembly machines, floor automation, laser and waterjet cutting and inspection tasks (for example, the X-ray inspection of PCBs, automatic optical inspection or flat panel inspection). The offer also includes a comprehensive on-site service including goods assemblies, technical advice and support.

For more information, please visit

Hiwin GmbH
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Select, combine and order – from anywhere in the world*

maxon motor’s e-shop is being expanded. You can search on shop quickly and easily for a DC or EC motor, combine it either with a gearhead and control electronics, then order the drive system you require, conveniently with just one mouse click, wherever you are  (* maxon motors were already on Mars, unfortunately for Martian potential customers orders cannot be shipped easily for that destination yet).


All catalog products (up to 49pcs per item) can be ordered from maxon motor directly through the online purchase channel. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and now from anywhere in the world. Brush and brushless DC motors and controllers can be purchased individually or as a system solution. Gearheads, sensors and brakes are also available in combination with motors.
All products ordered through the e-shop that are in stock (green light) are dispatched from the factory in Sachseln (Switzerland) within 24 hours on working days.

Users worldwide benefit from the following functions of the maxon motor e-shop:

  • display of the full maxon motor modular system (DC and EC motors, gearheads, encoders, brakes, control electronics)
  • download of technical data of all drive components in PDF format
  • download of DXF and STEP files of all motors and gearheads
  • current availability check
  • price details for up to 49 items
  • direct orders with a part number
  • detailed overview of all items on order

maxon motor assures all e-shop users that their personal information will be handled on a strictly confidential and secure basis. All data and payment transactions are SSL-encrypted and therefore protected. Further information on data protection at maxon motor can be found in our Privacy Policy.

For more information:
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drive systems and control electronics
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Shut-off screws Z94 and Z940 now available in a new size: M9x1 !

Hasco has added a small new product with a large savings potential to its portfolio. The proven conical shut-off screws Z94/… and the cylindrical version Z940/… have now been supplemented with the intermediate size M9x1.


The core hole diameter of M9x1 corresponds to the cooling channel diameter of 8 mm. This dispenses with the need for complicated and time-consuming mould changes and drilling work on the moulding machine. The thread can be cut immediately after production of the cooling channel diameter.

Through this addition to the Hasco product range, a time saving of up to 30% per shut-off screw, depending on the material, is guaranteed

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Five years instead of six months…

“DryLin R” linear plain bearings from igus GmbH, Cologne, are lubricant-free, robust and corrosion resistant. The linear bearings with highly wear-resistant polymers are replacing metallic bushings in numerous cases. Maintenance intervals are shortened, service life increased.

A few examples
In a seat cover testing machine belonging to the American automotive components supplier, Lear Corporation in Allershausen, the “DryLin R” flange bearings have been in use without any failures for more than one and a half years. The load exerted on them is high in both Y and Z direction, and normally runs at a short stroke, (10 to max. 40 mm). In contrast, the linear guidance systems used before had to be replaced after only three months.

An even more drastic example can be found at a rubber factory in Gießen, Poppe Gummiwarenfabrik. Here, ball linings used in a cutting unit for rubber hoses failed after six months. The main reason was because of heavy talcum soiling. In the meantime, self-adjusting “DryLin R” linear plain bearings have been doing the job without any problems whatsoever for the past five years now.
Another prime example is The Austrian Montan University in Leoben, Steiermark. Here, the decision was taken to use linear plain bearings in a stone cutting machine used to saw enormous stone blocks after bearing guides had previously failed.

Picture: igus GmbH, Cologne. “DryLin R” linear plain bearings from igus GmbH, Cologne, are lubricant-free, robust and corrosion resistant. The dimensions correspond to those of linear ball linings.

“DryLin R”: Wear-resistant polymers especially for linear technology
“DryLin R” linear plain bearings from igus are based on highly wear-resistant polymers developed especially for linear technology. The standard gliding films are made of “iglidur J” material for excellent gliding friction coefficients, the high-temperature gliding films made of “iglidur X” ensure use with a long-term application temperature of up to 250°C. The dimensions of linear plain bearings are compatible with those of linear ball linings. DryLin bearings run on standard round shafts, and can be used with virtually any shaft material.

Built to last and corrosion-free due to special design
The special geometry makes “DryLin R” linear bearings robust even in heavy-duty environments, and ensures a very high level of safety even when running in coarse dirt. The design of the bearing surface with individual bridges and the interruptions in between is particularly advantageous here – as is the fact that no lubricant is required. Even if damp dirt does get onto the shaft, it is wiped off by the individual slide ways and pushed back into the contactless paths. The bridges of the bearing surfaces then slide over the path, which has been wiped free of all soiling.
The “DryLin R” range comprises gliding films and press-in bushings, linear plain bearings, housing bearings, flange housings as well as slides and linear housings. Suitable shafts and supported shafts as well as yokes and shaft brackets are also available ex stock.

igus GmbH
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Proportional Screw-in Cartridges with Slip-on Coil

The Swiss manufacturer Wandfluh AG develops and produces high-grade oil hydraulic control and closed-circuit control devices as well as digital amplifier – and control electronic circuits for world-wide utilisation. Wandfluh presents its new  proportional screw-in valves with slip-on coil.

The exchangeable coil significantly simplifies the logistics, because the solenoid coil can also be retrofitted. The various alternatives make the proportional screw-in cartridges a very flexible system. Different plug – voltage alternatives are available ex stock and are complemented with respect to individual adaptations – with the customary Wandfluh flexibility. In addition, the performance of the valves has been increased by the improved solenoid coil. Therefore also ambient temperatures of up to 70°C can be accepted without any performance loss. With the improvement of the corrosion protection of the solenoid coil, depending on the version, the valves achieve a salt-spray resistance of over 500h.

Available are valves with the standard cavities M22 and M33 in accordance with ISO 7789. Pressure relief valves are available as direct operated and pilot-operated versions up to volume flows of over 230 l/min and pressures of up to 350 bar. Apart from the optimised proportional throttle for volume flows of up to 63 l/min, the All-In-One valve QSPPM33 (tight seating volume flow controller) with mechanically preset Imin is in the Wandfluh product range. By the preset Imin the series spread of the valves is reduced to a minimum, in order to guarantee a simplification of the valve commissioning.
Typical applications for the qualitatively high-grade proportional screw-in cartridges are:

  • Sensitive adjustment of pressure, resp., volume flow
  • Speed control of hydro-motors
  • Cylinder control – and positioning
  • Individual adjustment of clamping – and tensioning force

Further information about the new compact proportional screw-in cartridges can be found under

Wandfluh AG
Helkenstrasse 13
CH-3714 Frutigen
Phone +41 33 672 72 72
Fax +41 33 672 72 12
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