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Under the blade of a robot!

da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System relies on Swiss Precision. Key to winning the business: follow the golden rules of customer service! Ask questions. Listen to customer needs. Deliver quality product. Stand by your product. These are the golden rules of good customer service. And these are the reasons that Intuitive Surgical of Sunnyvale, California, manufacturer of the revolutionary da Vinci® surgical system, chooses to partner with Swiss Precision Machining, Inc., a Swiss-style machine shop based halfway across the country in Niles, Illinois.

What is the da Vinci surgical system?

Introduced in 1999, the da Vinci surgical system is being heralded as the future of surgery – it’s the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery today – and it’s re-writing accepted standards for surgical care. And, as it happens, many of the parts that are key to the system’s operation are Swiss type components!


Dropping da Vinci parts complete 30% Faster

Mike Haupers (Swiss Precision) got excited when he saw that he could machine one of his da Vinci parts on the Tornos 30% faster as he was producing them on his competitive brand machines. Haupers was cutting this particular part on two competitive machines. But when he saw that he could cut the part 30% faster on one Tornos machine – he was sold! “We were doing the da Vinci part in two halves. We wanted to consolidate it and drop it in one complete.”

Both Eurotec and decomagazine will cover this story in the near future. Stay tuned.

Want to see more on da Vinci Surgery?

See a US news clip of a prostatectomy here:

Want to have more information on machining precision parts as described above, contact Tornos at or send your complete coordinates with Medical parts in the subject line to

Want to know more about Swiss Precision?

What a fantastic world! Day after day I discover new stories that are so incredible!



Finished parts in one clamping

Who doesn’t know Schaublin Machines in Europe? Many professionals grew with a lathe labelled with this brand. Nowadays ten thousands of these machines are being used throughout the world. For many decades, the brand is closely linked with high quality and Swiss precision.

The company never stops innovating, on the communication field with its actions with Alinghi or in term of products. Schaublin Machines SA recently launched a new vertical machining center, the 51-5AX.

High-precision machining center

This completely new machine from the Schaublin Machines SA product range enables simultaneous 5-axis control for machining even complex workpieces in one setup. Thus, the machining time can be shortened considerably. “Precision”, “flexibility” and “long life” are the core principles of machine conception. Linear motion guides and ball screws have been generously dimensioned. The X, Y and Z axis anti-friction guides of 35 mm width enable feedrates of up to 30 m/min. The 5-axis rotary table is highly rigid and is made of annealed cast iron. Workpieces with a weight of up to 75 kg can be clamped on this table. This guarantees a consistently high machining precision.

The new 51-5AX is dedicated for automotive, optical, aerospace, micromechanics and medical and dental industries. Its wide range of possibilities to finish the parts allows users to be very competitive with a good return on investment.

I’ll come back later with some insights from Schaublin Machines SA. Stay tuned!

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Prodex, Basle (Switzerland) – Record number of visitors

The Prodex international trade fair for machine tools, tools and production measurement held from 18 to 22 November in the Basel Exhibition Centre can be described as a success. The 325 exhibitors, who are spread out over an area of about 20,000 square metres, and represent more than 900 suppliers, welcomed 28,195 trade visitors during the five days of the trade fair.

An impressive demonstration of the “real economy”
This issue of Prodex lived an increase of about 10% and a new record number of visitors for this industry event held for the fourth time! In view of the current economic conditions it is more than just a reasonable success.

Everywhere in the show people were saying that the general public medias are responsible for part of the crisis. Maybe a short vision of a wider problem, nevertheless that’s true that listening to radio -bad news, watchin telly -bad news or reading a newspaper -bad news is not the best was to feel confident about the future.

Industry leaders are confident, yes we’re living a downturn and so what? Let’s fight to be the best.

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This is the first post on the new Eurotec’s blog

With this blog, I would like to keep you posted on the life of Eurotec and also to give you more than just the articles available on the magazine. The magazine is in three languages but the blog is in English only. If you need some information in French or German, the magazine is perfect.

There is already a lot of exciting things to come. I was in Midest in Paris and Prodex in Basle and there was a lot of new machines and features that will be detailed in the next issue. Want an example?

  • The new Schaublin 51-5AX that opens a wide new scope to mill parts till 240 mm diameter (and till 75 kg) with a superb ROI!
  • There is inspire, the company managed by ETH Zürich that offers a lot of possibilities to small and medium size companies to help them improve their processes (example).

..and a lot more besides.

I will come often here to post some news and information. Do not hesitate to come here often too!

I’m eager to inform you on European’s precision machining and micromechanics.

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