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Hypertherm unveils new EDGE Pro Ti CNC

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of advanced cutting systems, today announced the official launch of the EDGE® Pro Ti (pre-launched at EuroBLECH2012) — a new CNC designed with integrated drives, motors and multiple torch height control interface options.


This new CNC is ideally suited for small to medium sized cutting tables and works with all plasma systems including Hypertherm’s Powermax®, HySpeed® HSD130™ and new MAXPRO200®. It includes features such as enhanced cutting process support for plasma, waterjet and oxyfuel cutting methods, and supports Rapid Part™ technology when combined with a Hypertherm Sensor™ Ti or ArcGlide® torch height control. In addition, automatic torch height adjustments ensure optimal consumable life and part quality without operator intervention.

Integrated solution
The system also contains new Hypernet® connectivity enabling the use of True Hole™ technology when combined with an ArcGlide THC, CAM Solutions nesting software and HyPerformance® Plasma HPRXD® system. The Hypernet connectivity facilitates remote troubleshooting using a built in Remote Help™ function and standard wireless networking.

Active everywhere
Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced cutting products for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma systems and consumables, as well as fiber laser and now waterjet products, in addition to CNC motion and height controls and CAM cutting software.

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Significant enhancements to ProNest 2012 software

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of advanced cutting systems, recently announced a number of feature enhancements to its ProNest® nesting software, making it even easier for companies that fabricate or cut material to increase the cut quality, productivity, and profitability of their operations.
Major enhancement includes the addition of OneClick, a powerful production module that automates various tasks in a job. The user sets up actions required completing a job just once and OneClick does the rest, with limited intervention.

Perfect integration
ProNest Version 10.1 also includes Data Sync, a new module which allows customers to add and update plates from their Material Requirements Planning (MRP)/ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to ProNest’s Plate Inventory. Data Sync will routinely synchronize your MRP/ERP plates with ProNest’s Plate Inventory. So, as soon as a new plate is entered into the MRP/ERP system, the plate will be available for use in ProNest. Data Sync even ensures that changes to existing MRP/ERP plates are quickly carried over to ProNest inventory plates, enabling customers to always use the most up-to-date plate information.

Better quality and time saved
Hypertherm is also announcing significant enhancements in support of its True Bevel technology. ProNest plays a critical role via the optional bevel module that now includes many new features and the True Bevel cut charts. These enhancements will save customers who bevel their parts a tremendous amount of set up time while improving the quality of beveled parts. “We believe the features found in this version further differentiate ProNest among the CAD/CAM options available today and make it even easier for customers to run an efficient and profitable operation,” says Derek Weston, Product Marketing Manager for Hypertherm’s software team.

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Fine-feature laser cutting

Hypertherm introduced the company’s first fiber laser system at EuroBLECH 2010 – the HyIntensity HFL015. During this five-day show in Hanover, Germany, Hypertherm displayed many other New products as well, including the recently launched Powermax65® and Powermax85® air plasma systems, the NEW HyPerformance HPR800XD® and the 2010 versions of its ProNest, TurboNest and NestMaster nesting software.

For over 40 years, Hypertherm has focused on providing advanced technology products that cut the cost of cutting metal. Now with the advent of fiber laser technology, dramatically reducing laser complexity and operating cost, Hypertherm brings this same focus to fine-feature laser cutting in a way only Hypertherm can… making laser cutting easy. Hypertherm’s new HyIntensity™ Fiber Laser HFL015 system is unique in that all of the components are engineered and designed to work together as one complete cutting system.

Complete set
“Unlike products from other fiber laser manufacturers, Hypertherm’s system includes the Fiber laser supply , cutting head, automatic gas console, operator interface consoles, laser head control console and software. At this year’s EuroBLECH we noticed that many companies launched a new fiber laser system. The main difference compared to our new HyIntensity™ Fiber Laser HFL015 is that we offer the complete package. All components work very well together,” says Doug Shuda, Laser Product Marketing Manager. “Our system is especially designed for ease of operation, simple integration and reliable, consistent automatic cutting process optimization to make laser cutting much easier for our partners and their customers.”

Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced cutting systems for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma and laser systems, consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls and cutting software.
Hypertherm systems are trusted for performance and reliability that results in increased productivity and profitability for tens of thousands of businesses. The company’s reputation for plasma innovation dates back more than 40 years, to 1968, with Hypertherm’s invention of water injection plasma cutting. The company has more than 1,000 associates along with operations and partner representation worldwide.

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New Hypertherm CNC offers single solution for a variety of metal cutting needs

Hypertherm, a world leader in plasma arc metal cutting technology, today unveiled what promises to be the most complete CNC on the market today. Compatible with nearly any mechanized system, the EDGE® Pro is easy to install, easy to use, and more reliable than any other computer numeric control. It does not require any intermediary device to run and supports both oxyfuel and plasma cutting systems.

Technical innovation
Hardware and software advancements include both analog and SERCOS motion control connectivity, a touch screen display and an integrated operator’s console. The EDGE Pro also comes pre-installed with Hypertherm’s innovative Phoenix® software, including the patent pending CutPro™ Wizard to simplify learning and operation of the entire cutting system as well as Remote Help, which makes it possible to perform troubleshooting and diagnostic testing remotely, reducing system downtime.

Approved… and realeased
“The EDGE Pro offers ease of use, reliability, and a complete turnkey CNC system for cutting professionals,” said Peter Brahan, leader of Hypertherm’s Automation team. “In addition it comes with flexible software that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications—from basic cutting jobs to the most complex.” Like all Hypertherm products, the EDGE Pro was subjected to thousands of hours of reliability testing in adverse conditions to ensure it survives harsh cutting environments. More information is available at or through any authorized Hypertherm table manufacturer or system integrator.



Designed to be flexible and easy to use, the EDGE Pro delivers reliable performance for improved profitability. Using Phoenix software, this CNC improves cut quality and productivity by delivering the company expertise directly to the customer’s workshop. The company says “making it as if you have your best operator on every shift”.

Precise Hole Cutting Technology and More at 2009 Schweissen & Schneiden

Hypertherm is combining its newest HyPerformance technology with two new motion control systems and the latest MTC software to take plasma cutting to a whole new level.

New quality level in plasma cutting…
Hypertherm will unveil patent-pending hole cutting technology that vastly improves the capability of
HyDefinition plasma at this year’s Schweissen & Schneiden show. The technology uses a specific
combination of cutting parameters optimized for mild steel applications. The end result, demonstrated in both internal and customer testing, shows an up to 50 percent improvement in the shape of the hole. At the same time, taper and dings are virtually eliminated on holes with an equal diameter to thickness ratio. “The significant improvement of holes cut with HyPerformance Plasma has narrowed the gap with laser,” said Dave LaPrade, leader of Hypertherm’s mechanized systems team. “We think people will be impressed with the technology advancements made by Hypertherm. Customer feedback so far indicates that many people who currently cut with laser will be able to achieve their target quality performance and save a lot of money by switching to plasma.”

…on show
The marked improvement in plasma’s capabilities, including hole performance, will be demonstrated using the latest HPR400XD technology with MTCs ProNest 2010 software and the new EDGE Pro CNC. In addition to improved holes, Hypertherm engineers report an up to 100 percent increase in productivity and an up to 40 percent increase in consumable life using a new torch height control available by year end. This means businesses can increase the number of parts produced per hour while reducing operating costs. These advancements will extend to Hypertherm’s HyPerformance HPR130 and HPR260 products, both of which will receive Hypertherm’s XD (eXtreme Defintion) technology this fall.

Oxyfuel and plasma cutting?
People attending this year’s show will also get an opportunity to cut with Hypertherm’s newest single gas air plasma system: the Powermax45, as well as cutting with the other systems of Hypertherm’s industry leading Powermax family of products. In addition, they can watch a live side-by-side comparison of oxyfuel and plasma cutting, and learn about Hypertherm’s new developments for using HyDefinition Plasma in robotic and bevel cutting applications.

The 2009 Schweissen and Schneiden takes place in Essen, Germany from 14-19 September. Hypertherm’s stand is in Hall 11, Stand 307.

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Plasma or Oxyfuel?

New Website Helps People Decide Which Metal Cutting Method is Right for Them!
Hypertherm, the specialist in plasma arc metal cutting technology, today announced a new website designed to help people understand the differences between plasma and oxyfuel cutting technology so they can decide which cutting method is right for them.

Added value website
The website found at is available in several languages and contains a series of educational articles that cover the seven key things people need to consider when choosing a cutting method: cut quality, productivity, cost per part, overall profitability, ease of use, flexibility, and safety.

There are also several videos on the site, one of which contains a side by side comparison of the two technologies. People wanting more information can also click the many links to external resources that provide even more information on plasma and oxyfuel.

plasma_small“There is sometimes confusion as to which cutting method to use. The answer is it depends on a variety of factors,” said Paula Flanders, one of the site’s content managers.

“ aims to help people better understand the factors they should consider and works to dispel common myths that exist among the two technologies so that people can make an informed decision.”

For more information do not hesitate to visit

Training on the Most Advanced Plasma Technologies

People in the business of cutting metal with plasma arc systems can now receive the latest training on cutting and related control technologies at Hypertherm’s new Cutting Technology Centre.

High-tech centre
The Centre at Hypertherm’s European headquarters in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, includes a new high precision x-y cutting table, which features the recently introduced HyPerformance Plasma, the first in a new generation of HyPerformance Plasma.
The HyPerformance Plasma HPR400XD is the only 400 amp system on the market today that can reliably and robustly pierce 50 mm thick metal and edge cutting up to 80 mm. Also available for live mechanized cutting demonstrations are the HySpeed HSD130 conventional LongLife oxygen system and the Powermax1650 single-gas entry level mechanized system. Hypertherm’s full line of Powermax manual air plasma systems, ranging from small lightweight systems weighing only 9 kg and capable of cutting up to 12 mm thicknesses, up to larger units capable of cutting up to 38 mm thick metals are also available for live demonstrations.

“This new facility gives us an improved capability to demonstrate and train both our channel partners and end users on the latest technologies that Hypertherm is bringing to the cutting industry” says Peter Vickers, European Director for Hypertherm. He adds: “Having this facility co-located with our European headquarters also enables visiting channel partners and end user customers to have direct contact with our technical and service experts.”
The new cutting centre replaces an earlier facility which was located at a branch subsidiary in Hanau, Germany.

The company’s reputation for plasma innovation dates back 40 years, to 1968, with Hypertherm’s invention of water injection plasma cutting. The company has more than 1,000 associates along with operations and partner representation worldwide.

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