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Schuler opens Hot Stamping TechCenter

Schuler today opened its new research and demonstration center for hot stamping at its home base in Göppingen, Germany. At the so-called Hot Stamping TechCenter, the company will be showing its customers innovative applications for the future of lightweight vehicle construction. Schuler has invested some 6.5 million euros in the line, which is equipped with hydraulic press, roller hearth furnace, and automation. It was developed at the company’s Waghäusel site.


In the hot stamping (or press hardening) method, sheet steel is heated to 930 degrees Celsius, and cooled and thus hardened in the subsequent forming process. This enables the production of extremely light but highly rigid vehicle parts. Schuler is the global market leader for hot stamping equipment. Due to the growing requirements for passenger protection and the need to reduce CO2 emissions, demand is expected to grow in the coming years.

“Hot stamping is an important method for producing lightweight car bodies and plays an important role in Schuler’s product spectrum,” stated CEO Stefan Klebert. “Our new Hot Stamping TechCenter is proof of both our innovative strength in the field of fully automatic, networked production lines and of our firm commitment to Germany as a high-tech manufacturing location.”

Increased productivity and decreased energy consumption
The 1,600-metric-ton press at the Hot Stamping TechCenter already boasts Schuler’s PCHflex technology. “PCHflex allows a flexible and economical production of hot stamped parts with up to 40 percent higher output performance and consistently high quality, combined with maximum process reliability and availability,” explained Dr. Martin Habert, Managing Director of Schuler in Waghäusel.

The press line is also equipped with EHF technology (Efficient Hydraulic Forming), which drastically reduces energy consumption. Thanks to its condition monitoring system, the wear and tear of machine components can be precisely anticipated.

First line in Schuler’s new machine design
The press line is also the first to feature Schuler’s new machine design, which the company will gradually roll out across its entire product range. The new design aims to symbolize Schuler’s technological lead and ensures a high degree of recognition.

The Hot Stamping TechCenter will mainly be used for the ongoing development of machine technology and lightweight vehicle construction processes. However, Schuler also plans to use the center for customer presentations and training.

Apart from Göppingen, Schuler also has demonstration and reference centers at its German sites in Erfurt, Gemmingen, Göppingen and Hessdorf, as well as in the USA. In contrast to trade shows, TechCenters are open all year round and enable customers to receive individual support and run their own tests. In spring 2016, a further TechCenter will go into operation in the North Chinese coastal city of Tianjin. It will feature a 1,600-metric-ton press with TwinServo Technology (TST).

Hot forming of aluminum for lightweight vehicles

Following successful tests with high-strength alloys, Schuler is developing hot forming of aluminum sheet for serial production.

The newly developed technology of hot forming of aluminum sheet enables the forming of complex part shapes.
The newly developed technology of hot forming of aluminum sheet enables the forming of complex part shapes.

As an alternative lightweight material, aluminum becomes increasingly attractive to the automotive industry due to its high strength at low specific weight. High-strength aluminum alloys offer great weight-saving potential for car bodies. The newly developed technology of hot forming of aluminum sheet enables the forming of complex part shapes.

High-strength aluminum alloys present special challenges for the forming process with regard to formability. By cold forming, only geometrically simple parts can be produced from these alloys. A wide variety of aluminum alloys are already processed using Schuler equipment. As a systems supplier, Schuler also provides the necessary dies and process expertise.

With the aid of specially designed forming dies, Schuler has now succeeded in demonstrating the potential of hot forming technology by producing a range of reference parts. The combination of temperature control and forming technology to achieve the desired part characteristics is of crucial importance here.

Schuler has been supplying complete systems for the serial production of hot stamped car body parts made of steel (press hardening) since the beginning of the 1990s. The company is now adapting the technology to meet the special requirements of high-strength aluminum alloys.

There is already strong interest in the industry for this new technology,” says Johannes Linden, Head of the division Systems at Schuler. “After establishing our expertise in the hot forming of aluminum, it is now our declared aim to also become a systems supplier in this field and deliver everything – from press to automation, die and process know-how – from a single source.”


Standard components to form production systems

Usable flexibility through practical design and consistent modularity – for the efficient production of cookware, Fissler relies on standardised presses and pneumohydraulic drive technology from Tox Pressotechnik.
Success story tox
Since cookware has developed from a simple cooking device to a more design, technology and function orientated consumer item, completely different demands are placed on it. These in turn can only be met by a comparably high material, production and quality assurance effort. Particularly as the educated customer is well prepared to pay the respective price for functionality and quality for pans and pots.

Nowadays’ challenges
However, the market for cookware is also marked by a globally large competition, which is why manufacturers must pull out all the stops to ensure competitiveness in the long term. This applies on the one hand to design, functionality, quality, durability and suitability for different kitchen systems (electric cookers with plate, ceran, or induction hob or gas cookers) and energy efficiency, and on the other a preferably rational and efficient production technology. This happy symbiosis is represented by Fissler GmbH in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, which is on the road to international success with its cookware, based not least on a high manufacturing depth. In order to meet the self-imposed high requirements of quality and productivity, Fissler rely on qualified and committed personnel as well as a state-of-the-art and largely highly automated machine park.

From the Tox standard range
The sales representative responsible for consultation and application at Tox Pressotechnik, Marco Unger, was able to offer economical solutions for all machining tasks from the standard range of Tox-Press Systems and pneumohydraulic press force drives Tox-Powerpackage, following an analysis of Fissler’s requirements, in close cooperation with the company headquarters.

Individual process solutions from the construction kit
With the 2-column press of type MBG 08, 150,000 aluminium round blanks are machined every year (raising of the inner edge), to be able to press in stainless steel round blanks into the said aluminium round blanks with the other two 2-column presses in the next work step. The basic equipment of the two similar presses is thus flexible that pans (approx. 90%) as well as pots (approx. 10%) can be machined with them.

Tox-Press of series MBG for punching holes into the pan lids.
Tox-Press of series MBG for punching holes into the pan lids.

You will be able to read the whole story in one of our next issues…


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Automated die positioning increases bending machine productivity

Hannover Messe Day 5 – Production in the metalworking industry has become increasingly hectic. Contractors and production departments must produce parts in smaller lot sizes and at a faster pace. Today I’ve discovered components to help machines manufacturer being more efficient.

Trumpf is the world‘s leading producer of machine tools for the metalworking industry, and they have responded to the plight of their customers by offering machine design innovations that improve productivity and efficiency.
Trumpf is the world‘s leading producer of machine tools for the metalworking industry, and they have responded to the plight of their customers by offering machine design innovations that improve productivity and efficiency.

Their TruBend Series 5000 bending machine, for instance, is a press brake that includes an optical positioning aid making it easier to switch to a new part geometry. This machine also includes an automatic angle measurement system that helps operators maintain desired geometries, beginning with the very first part.

A complete process
Press brakes bend metal by vertically pushing a punch into a v-shaped die. This deforms the sheet metal located between the punch and die, thus creating an angular bend. Taking a piece of sheet metal that has previously been bent to a 30° angle and placing it between two flat punches creates a fold. A typical production application will require dies be repositioned to change between the bend and the fold function. Repositioning dies quickly is not the only concern – positioning must also be as accurate as possible to maintain quality of the parts produced. Trumpf has achieved quick and precise positioning with Halstrup-Walcher GmbH positioning systems „LPE“.

Positioning systems for nearly all applications
Two of these precision powerhouses (“powerhouses” because they have to generate up to 1000 N of lifting power) position the heavy lower tools to within 0.05 mm – and in just seconds. Keeping the die from tipping is crucial, which is achieved by the parallel positioning systems being well synchronized.Not only are these positioning systems designed for precision and efficiency—long product life is always a goal as well, ensuring superior reliability of the entire machine as it turns out precise metal bending products even after 10 or 15 years.

To be discovered at Hannover Messe today on the Hall 15, Stand F36.





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Tolexpo: Innovations & high quality contacts

Tolexpo, the international show for sheet metal, coil, tube and section equipment, took place in Paris, from Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd November 2013. 10702 professionals present during the 4 days of the exhibition, including 19% from abroad, more than 200 exhibitors, including 46% from abroad.
Tol expo 2013 sucessful
Tolexpo confirmed its position as a key event entirely dedicated to sheet metal, coil, tube and section equipment. The event continued its work by achieving its major objectives, namely:

  • to bring the market together and develop loyalty,
  • to represent the sector extremely effectively.

64 new products, solutions and technologies were presented at the exhibition.

Visitor expectations met
Thanks to the representative range of equipment and service manufacturers and distributors present, show visitors discovered relevant solutions which met their expectations, and in particular: A comprehensive range of suppliers, presentations of many new leading-edge products from France and abroad and direct contact with suppliers.

Spotlight on welding technology
For the first time, some major actors in this sector were present at Tolexpo. Now more than ever, the various assembly technologies represent a challenge for today’s industry. Of the different techniques available, welding is the most used in the sheet metal work industry.

Next issue of Tolexpo will take place from November 17 to 20, 2015.

81 rue de Paris
F.92100 Boulogne Billancourt – France
Tel: +33 (0)1 79 41 13 50



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Midest, Toolexpo in Paris in one week

From November 19 to 22, subcontractors and customers will be able to review developments in their markets and forge effective regional and national relationships.
Midest 2012
Midest 2013
Midest is the key platform for international suppliers of industrial subcontracting. It is a show where partnerships are forged and technology surveyed, offering manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers the chance of face to face meetings with suppliers of solutions in the fields of metals, plastics, electronics or industry services.

Midest in a few facts

  • 1,721 exhibitors in 2012.
  • 36% of exhibitors are non-French and are drawn from 46 countries.
  • 39,347 professionals from all sectors of industry in 2012
  • 15% of customers are from outside France and are drawn from an average of more than 78 countries.
  • Over 50 foreign organizations are active partners of MIDEST.
  • 11 Trade Villages

Tolexpo 2013
Tolexpo is now France’s leading event specifically dedicated to production technology for metal in sheets, tubes, coils and sections equipment.

Tolexpo in a few facts

  • An exhaustive offer with more than 200 exhibitors
  • 45% of companies exhibiting are from outside France
  • 11 180 professionals visitors from 70 countries
  • Tolexpo is held on the same date and place as Midest (the world’s leading industrial subcontracting event).Entry badges entitle visitors and exhibitors of each event to free entry to these 2 exhibitions.

Are you looking for subcontractors in France and in Europe? A visit to Paris may be mandatory for this end of the year.



Midest 2013



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Tolexpo 2013 – Positive expectations

From November 19 to 22, the 5th edition of Tolexpo, International exhibition of production equipment for the work of metals in sheet and coil, tube and profiles, will take place at the Parc des Expositions in Paris-Nord Villepinte, simultaneously with Midest and Maintenance expo.
Tolexpo-Midest-Maintenance Expo
In a tense economic context, Tolexpo announces the participation of major players from the sector, and confirm its position of key industry event dedicated to the work of sheet metal, tube and profiles. Tolexpo fits in the continuity and the achievement of its objectives:

  • federate and foster the market loyalty,
  • present a qualitative and quantitative offer to all sectors it represents.

From Tuesday November 19 to Friday 22, 2013
Parc des Expositions of Paris Nord Villepinte – Hall 7

Tolexpo 2013: an event awaited by the trade
In addition to French companies, many manufacturers from abroad have chosen to attend Tolexpo 2013 to reinforce their presence on the French market. They now account for 48% of the total exhibitors, compared to 10% during the 1st edition in 2005. Manufacturers from Germany, Belgium, China, Denmark, Spain, United States, Great Britain, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey will be present on Tolexpo 2013.
5 months before the opening of the exhibition, nearly 200 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation.

A partnership of complementarities
The organizers of Tolexpo, Midest – subcontracting trade show and Maintenance Expo – maintenance solutions event, continue their cooperation in order to combine their communication strengths to boost the sectors in which they operate and to create a technology showcase bringing together the knowledge of subcontractors and manufacturers of production equipment.

A visit to Paris in November?
The exhibition ground will live a unique event in France, which brings together 2,000 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors from the entire industrial production chain; from cutting to assembly and final surface treatment, and equipment maintenance.
Tel: + 33 (0) 1 79 41 13 50
[email protected]




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