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Spain’s biggest pre-arranged meeting event on May 26-29, 2015

Subcontratación, the International Fair of Manufacturing Processes & Equipment, is to place more emphasis on B2B meetings at its 2015 edition, increasing investment and efforts in a campaign to invite hosted buyers to take part in its programme of pre-arranged meetings.


The possibility of taking part in the European Industrial Subcontracting Meetings is one of the major attractions of the event, which is to be the biggest pre-arranged B2B meeting event held in Spain to date. The types of supplier in which purchasers are most interested include subcontractors from sectors such as casting, cutting and forming, machining, bar cutting, heat treatment, surface coating, moulds and dies, electronics, plastics and rubber, stamping, automotive components, assemblies and subassemblies. Deadline for early bird admission 15.01.2015

Demanding fields of activities
The areas of activity in most demand from purchasers are currently the automotive, railway, energy, oil and gas and electronics industries, along with capital goods, machine tools and water treatment. The aeronautics industry is to have its own dedicated forum for meetings in Aerotrends, where subcontractors can meet new customers and develop broader views of the aerospace supply chain. On this occasion efforts to attract purchasers will focus mainly on France and Germany once the January 15 deadline for preferential registration passes and the real needs of exhibitors can be analysed. A programme of talks and roundtables on trends in the sector organised by Hegan is to round out the event.

A new area dedicated to composite materials
Consumption of composite materials is expected to undergo major growth in the next few years. Their use is spreading to more and more applications and sectors. As a new attraction, this edition of Subcontratación is to feature a specific area dedicated to composites, organised jointly by the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa and the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. This area is to include exhibitors from all points of the value chain in the manufacturing of components from composites, ranging from raw material supplies to mould manufacture, processing, manufacturing technologies, design and research.

Many sectors
The Subcontratación exhibition area will also have sections allocated to companies working in manufacturing processes such as casting, the machining of workpieces by cutting, moulds, models, dies and die-casting, machinery and equipment for casting, forging, surface treatment, welding and steel making.

The campaign for Subcontratación is going well, and more than 50% of the floorspace available has already been booked. A striking feature is the number of repeat exhibitors. The firms that took part in the 2013 event obtain positive results, so many of them will be back next year with their sights set on once again meeting their main commercial goals. Surveys reveal that 90% of them indicated that they had met potential customers of interest to their operations at the event, and 75% stated that the contacts made had resulted in orders and projects after the fair.


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Encapsuled stainless steel screws diam. 0.99 mm x 0.34 mm

Micronora started yesterday and visitors can discover many microtechnology innovations. This morning, we put the light on a small French SME that presents amazing achievements in terms of micro-machining and micro-moulding.

At Micronora, companies active in "small and precise" are emphasizing their skills in those fields that become more and more important for micro-mechatronics and microtechnology.
At Micronora, companies active in “small and precise” are emphasizing their skills in those fields that become more and more important for micro-mechatronics and microtechnology. Example, the new encapsulated micro screw designed vy Vuillermoz Philippe SAS and decicated to high-end watchmaking.

Vuillermoz Philippe SAS has developed an encapsulated micro screw for one of its Swiss customers. It is an essential element for an innovative system of high-end mechanical watch movement. A patent has been filed and is pending.

Micromachining? It is certain.
The challenge faced was huge in terms of research and development, micro-machining and micro-injection where the tolerance on the diameter of the moulded part is 0.99 mm + 2 /-3 µ. The specialists of the company have done it and the parts are perfectly meeting the requirements. The company spokesman says: “Our customer was delighted as the result surpasses his expectations”. Despite of being a small company, every aim was respected (quality, technique, delivery time).

Amazing facts
Knowing that a gross grain of material weight 0,02 gram, it allows the production of 14 molded parts. The weights are very light: the total weight of the encapsuled part is 0.0051 gram, the weight of the single insert is of 0.0037 gram, the weight of the material on the part is of 0.0014 gram.

These skills and parts can be discover until Friday (as well as many other things of course) in Besançon.

Vuillermoz Philippe SAS
5 rue du Tomachon
39200 Saint-Claude
Tel.: +33 3 84 45 34 40
Fax: +33 3 84 45 34 50
[email protected]



From Taiwan to Europe…

The Katadyn Products Inc. company whose headquarters is located in Kemptthal near Zurich specialises in the supply of water filters, desalinators, systems dedicated to outdoor activities (gas burners), and other products devoted to trekking. In order to simplify and accelerate its supply chain and its logistics, the company that delivers all over the world from Switzerland undertook a process of repatriation of certain activities from Taiwan to Eastern Europe. At the same time, it has built new, much larger premises in the Zurich suburb. Meeting with Mr. Adrian Schmassmann CEO and Mr. Thomas Dalla Vecchia, who helped the company make this transition to Eastern Europe. (Full story to be discovered in one of our next issue indeed).

No, that's not a picture to say holidays are for soon. The Optimus range of gas burners were the first product for whom Katadyn looked for partners in Romania for the realisation of all of their metal parts.
No, that’s not a picture to say holidays are for soon. The Optimus range of gas burners were the first product for whom Katadyn looked for partners in Romania for the realisation of all of their metal parts.

“Working with Asia requires more significant constraints than with Europe, particularly in terms of deadlines, flexibility, shipping, culture or communication” says Mr. Schmassmann in the preamble. The company needing more and more small series of different parts, it decided in 2011 to achieve production and assembly of some of its products in Europe.

Growth in Eastern Europe …and in Switzerland
And if the company now has a branch in Romania with which it carries out numerous products and sub-assemblies, the headquarters in Switzerland is also experiencing a strong growth of its activities and its staff.

Knowledge of the market
Initially, Katadyn wishes to subcontract to Eastern Europe and has some notions on the particularities of the countries and their production capacities. Romania is clearly part of its short list of interesting countries, but how to enter a completely unknown country? The Director tells us: “We had a contact with Obal and we quickly agreed on our needs: to find a competent partner with which we could develop a sustainable relationship, whatever we speak of partnership or acquisition. We were able to take full advantage of the knowledge of the Eastern European markets of Obal in general and of Mr. Della Vecchia in particular”.

There is more to discover (in our full article)

  • The principle of the funnel
  • The ideal partner
  • Why working with Obal?
  • A burgeoning market
  • Logistics and simplified contacts
  • Swiss made is a must

These topics will be explained in Eurotec soon, stay tuned ;o)


Katadyn Products Inc.
Pfäffikerstrasse 37
CH-8310 Kemptthal
Tél. +41 44 839 21 11
Fax +41 44 839 21 99

Obal AG
Zieglerstrasse 29
Postfach 530
CH-3000 Bern 14
Tél. + 41 31 387 37 37
[email protected]


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New possibilities with high-tech materials

In the first half of 2014 the French group Rubis-Precis/Micropierre/High-Tech Ceram has designed and implemented new micro-assemblies techniques in high-tech materials.
These include materials such as biocompatible ceramics, zerodur, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, medical stainless steel, gold and platinum for very demanding sectors such as aerospace, military and defense, medical and instrumentation as well as analysis.

Several highly specialised assembly techniques
The used assembly techniques are metallization and soldering, crimping, driving, gluing and shrinking. The Group that is nowadays one of the European leader for providing such high-tech assemblies incorporating advanced materials proposes solutions for various issues such as:

  • resistance to wear or corrosive environments (acids and bases),
  • use in ultra-high vacuum without degassing,
  • resistance to high temperature (more than 1000° C),
  • biocompatibility,
  • electric and heat insulation,
  • infrared or ultraviolet optical applications,
  • high pressure (more than 1000 bar).

Many kind of parts
The company produces about 1 million of such high-tech components per month, for a unit price ranging from 0, 10 to … 5,000 euros per part. The group currently generates 14 million euros of sales. The group has a solid reputation for innovation and constant research on a wide range of engineering materials and always accepts new challenges. It operates in numerous markets worldwide with over 500 customers in total in 25 different countries. They require precision components (around one micron), as well as assemblies made with state-of-the-art materials to solve any kind of problem.

You will be able to discover its skills in Besançon at the next Micronora (from Septembre 23 to 26). If you are looking for high-tech miocrotechnology solutions, the visit will be most rewarding.

[email protected]



Never say never. Always be innovative!

Established in 1953, TDC is a leading manufacturer in Japan with proprietary expertise of precision technologies. TDC has continued to cultivate their markets through upgrading the level of their technology especially in super precise mirror polishing.


Used in the sample return capsule for Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA)Hayabusa2 asteroid probe. Because the purpose of this capsule was for collecting samples from the asteroid only, the finish has to be totally clean, with no material derived from earth inside.

One-of-a-kind nano-technologies for mirror polishing, ultra precise processing and lapping
Therefore the super precise mirror polishing has been instrumental. This technology is being used in basic experiments in labs of major firms and universities to keep the test material even when investigating properties specific to a substance such as hardness, intensity, or composition. The company’s stance has been not to deny any request, challenging themselves to process even the most difficult of materials. They have experiences to process tantalum, tantalum, SiC, silicon and sapphire, just to name a few of the examples.

With IT development and strengthening of sales overseas, taking their unique technology to the world
The company’s technical innovations have included IT development within the company; they have introduced a system that can grasp the situation of company plants no matter whether you are in Tokyo, Osaka or Miyagi. The original intent of this particular internal tech development was to make production processes efficient, but as a result, they became able to report all production developments to customers as they happen in real time. With this system, they received the “Small Company Management Prizes Judging Committee’s Promotion Award” in 2009, for companies which put superb IT management into practice. It has been useful in information sharing between the company and customers as they work through hard issues.

Also available in Europe
As for overseas development, from 2008 the company has participated in exhibitions in North America and Europe. It is responding to orders from various countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Holland, France and Scandinavian countries. Of the eight sales representatives, six are well versed in English. They can do inquiries and deals over the phone and by email without any time lag.
Using their own technology, which is to be found nowhere else, the company has continued to provide business solutions in various areas domestically, and now plans to expand its market first to Europe, then the US, and finally to the rest of the world.

TDC Corporation





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Official visit to the Swiss booths (Halle 2 and 4) @Hannover Messe

This afternoon the Swiss booths (in Halls 2 and 4) at Hannover Messe 2014 received the visit of Mr Hannes Germann, Ständeratspräsident der Schweitzerischen Eigdgenossenchaft (President of the Council of States of Switzerland).

The Swiss booth in Hall 4 is a well placed spot on the main passageways. A place to keep!
The Swiss booth in Hall 4 is a well placed spot on the main passageways. A place to keep!

The exhibitors had the opportunities to discuss with the Swiss official representative about their hopes for the show and explain their strengths and specialties.

The Swiss both was perfectly organised by Switzerland Global Enterprise (formerly Osec) and Schoch Marketing.

We will publish a few figures on this year’s show tomorrow and we will certainly come back on the skills of the Swiss exhibitors later.



Switzerland knows what hospitality means...
Switzerland knows what hospitality means…
We don't have the figures yet, but accoring to the exhibitors, the quality of visitors is there this year.
We don’t have any figures yet, but accoring to the exhibitors, the quality of visitors is there this year.
MM Hannes Germann, President of the Council of States, Pascal Blanc, Head of trade fairs, Switzerland Global Enterprise and Eurotec's Editor in Chief.
MM Hannes Germann, President of the Council of States, Pascal Blanc, Head of trade fairs – Switzerland Global Enterprise and Pierre-Yves Kohler, Eurotec’s Editor in Chief.

As every year, Eurotec was well represented at the show…

As every year, Eurotec was well represented at the show.
…and the nice cover by was well remarqued!



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Looking for a supplier?

With Hannover Messe 2014, the biggest marketplace to find the right supplier has just opened its doors in Hanover and you can go visit it till the end of the week.

Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, speaks at the Opening Ceremony of Hannover Messe.
Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, speaks at the Opening Ceremony of Hannover Messe.

As usual we at Eurotec are mainly focused on high precision and microtechnology, there are many companies to discover and many skills to speak about…. We’ll be busy digging all those.

A small (and nice) Swiss booth
On the Hall 4 – Stand C12, Switzerland is represented by a quite small booth (I wonder why there are so few companies from Switzerland in this year’s exhibition, but that’s another story). On the booth you can find:

  • Large and precision parts in stainless steel and special alloy with Angenstein AG
  • Custom-made advanced ceramics with Ceramdis AG
  • Development and manufacture of technical springs with Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG
  • Steel at its best with Schmiedewerk Stooss AG
  • The unique pan-European magazine dedicated to high precision with Eurotec

You can read a preview on these companies here.

THe calm before the storm, the bistrop section of the swiss booth before the opening this morning.
The calm before the storm, the bistrop section of the swiss booth before the opening this morning. You can notice Eurotec right on the corner.

Hermes Award 2014 goes to SAG GmbH
It is official: this year, the Hermes Award, one of the world’s most coveted technology prizes, has gone to the German utility network services and systems provider SAG GmbH. The Award was presented to the company on the occasion of the Hannover Messe Opening Ceremony on 6 April 2014. “Energy system transformation” ranks alongside Industry 4.0 as one of the big, overarching themes at this year’s Hannover Messe. The now award-winning solution developed by SAG GmbH is a major step towards energy system transformation because it provides a flexible approach to converting existing local networks into smart grids,” said Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board member Dr. Jochen Köckler.

Hannover Messe



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