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Scarborough UTC Invests in 600 UK’s industrial Machine Tools for ‘Engineers of Tomorrow’

Scarborough UTC’s brand new training facility was proudly opened in September 2016 with the aim of educating the engineers of tomorrow. To ensure the facility gives students the best possible introduction to industry, they sourced machine tools, almost in their entirety, from 600 UK.

Scarborough UTC acquired Colchester Student centre lathes, a Harrison Alpha CNC combination lathe, Clausing turret milling machines, pedestal drills and bandsaws to fill the workshop, accompanied by a range of Pratt Burnerd International chucking solutions.

Commenting upon the reason for choosing 600 UK, the Principal at Scarborough University Technical College (UTC), Mr Tim Englefield said: “We wanted machines that represented the standard of machine tools that local companies are using. We wanted our learners to be able to walk out of the UTC with an education that will enable them to walk straight into a local company and feel completely at home with the technology being used.”

“When we look at the characteristics of a machine, it’s a combination of factors that are important. As a government funded organisation, whatever we choose has to have a high ‘value for money’ factor”.
The Colchester Students have an unrivalled reputation for being the ultimate benchmark training lathes, incorporating an ideal compact footprint for an education workshop, allowing for Scarborough UTC to fit the maximum number of machines into their available space.
The geared headstock Colchester Student lathes provides learners with the very best equipment to gain industrial level training, providing a comprehensive grounding in the basics of turning.  They are built to standards in excess of DIN8606 and BS4656 Part 1, which combined with outstanding safety features that exceed all international safety standards, make it the ideal education workshop lathe. Additionally, all Colchester centre lathes come fully equipped with a full range of accessories, suiting any industrial or training application.

The UTC also has the Harrison Alpha 1350XS lathe with CNC capability, so students can pre-program machines in the computer suites at the college. The Harrison Alpha CNC combination lathe has a huge range of built-in educational training options, making it the favourite choice for colleges and training centres around the world.  The wide range of Alpha control options available enable learners to seamlessly progress from manual, through to full CNC turning, aided by working with conversational programming, 3D graphic displays and standard ISO programming capabilities.

High value-added Clausing mills, drills and bandsaws completes the 600 UK equipment supplied to this highly impressive learning environment, making the workshop a complete ‘all-encompassing’ learning package for the students.

The Clausing 2VS turret mills complement the Colchester and Harrison lathes perfectly and are rapidly becoming a key engineered product in the industrial milling sector and are ideal for transitioning students making the step from learning into industry.  However, as with every Clausing product, the 2VS mill is one of many in a wide range of turret and bed mills offered by Clausing.

Scarborough UTC chose the Clausing KC1016VS bandsaw and EKL25 pillar drills as compact, versatile, industry ready machine tools that learners could pick up and use very quickly when working on engineering projects. Clausing also supply a wide range of Clausing drills, bandsaws and grinders to suit any workshop environment whether in industry or education.

All Clausing machine tools go through the same rigorous quality controls as every other 600 Group product and the mills, drills and bandsaws are no exception.

The UTC model has been in operation for little over 5 years in the UK and the Scarborough facility is one of 48 such establishments in the UK. Scarborough UTC accepts students from the age of 14 and the students undertake the standard curriculum of maths, science and English as well as three engineering qualifications. These include engineering manufacturing, engineering design and electronics and control systems.

Mike Berry, 600 UK managing director said “We pride ourselves in supporting all our customers whether in education or industry and respond to their individual needs. All our machines are manufactured to be equally at home in any workshop environment and we firmly believe that using high quality industrial standard machinery is paramount for education establishments to get the best out of tomorrow’s engineers.”

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Rochdale-based Precision Technologies Group (PTG) has partnered with The University of Manchester’s Alliance Business School to help equip MSc students with ‘real-world’ international business skills. As part of a client-facing project, focused on international business issues and how to solve them, a number of the Business School’s MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management students have spent up to twelve weeks working as external consultants at PTG’s Milnrow headquarters. The aim of the MSc is to equip students with both the academic knowledge and practical skills to become effective business consultants in a global context. The client-facing project provides the opportunity for students to use their academic knowledge to solve real business issues.


Market insight for PTG By conducting key research and analysis into the global market size, future trends and main industry providers for a range of technologies, the MSc students have helped Precision Technologies Group to gain highly pertinent market insight. The students’ work has focused primarily on the global market for screw compressors, friction stir welders and high accuracy gears – all sectors in which PTG is a major player.

Real-world challenges for MSc students

By taking part in the programme, Alliance Business School’s MSc students have benefited from applying the academic knowledge and skills they have learnt in the classroom to PTG’s business challenges. They have also gained a valuable understanding of the real-world operational issues that affect the business. Helping develop the next generation of graduates “As some 98% of our technologies are destined for export, we understand intimately the importance of identifying and often anticipating the needs of global markets,” comments Precision Technologies Group Business Development Director, Neil Jones. “Collaborating with Alliance Business School, to share our expertise, benefit from each student’s analytical skills – and to help develop the next generation of MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management graduates – has been a highly rewarding experience. The quality of output from the project has been outstanding and has helped us plan ahead strategically.” Providing a vital, in-depth understanding “Our MSc students work with all sorts of businesses, from very small start-up organisations to very well established companies such as PTG,” adds Alliance Business School Careers Consultant Sara Russell. “PTG’s involvement in the programme has enabled eight MSc students to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific issues which affect the organisation, to deliver important market analysis, and to benefit from first-hand experience of the workplace. I am incredibly grateful to PTG for their involvement and look forward to further collaboration.”

Precision Technologies Group: supporting academia and training

Committed to the advancement of machine tool technologies, graduate skills and apprentice training, Precision Technologies Group works with a number of research centres, universities and training bodies. In the UK, the business has forged a strong partnership with The Centre for Precision Technologies at the University of Huddersfield and is the main sponsor of City University London’s biennial International Conference on Compressors and their Systems. The business works closely with Rochdale Training Association and takes on several engineering apprentices each year. Where apprentices show sufficient promise, PTG also provides access to degree-level study. The MSc Business

Analysis and Strategic Management

The MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management has been developed to provide suitably qualified students with the latest thinking in comparative international strategic management, and put their learning into practice with a unique client-facing project, such as that provided by Precision Technologies Group. The course focuses on real international business issues and how to solve them. Students graduate with a thorough understanding of business analysis and development, and the key skills of international business consulting.

Apprentis motivés recherchés

La fédération romande de promotion des métiers techniques lance une grande campagne de communication et de promotion des métiers techniques en Suisse romande.


Pour ce faire les organisateurs recherchent des apprentis qui deviendront les ambassadeurs de leurs métiers lors de cette campagne. Le casting est prévu le 23 mai, probablement à Yverdon.

L’avenir du pays
Toutes les études le démontrent, il y a de moins en moins de jeunes à embrasser les vocations techniques et nos industries peinent toujours plus à trouver des jeunes professionnels compétents. Conscients de cet état de fait, les ministres de l’économie et de la formation de l’Arc jurassien ont lancé un projet de valorisation des métiers techniques. La partie communication a été étendue à toute la Suisse romande par le biais de la fédération romande de promotion des métiers techniques.

Une équipe motivée
Le but du casting annoncé est de mettre en place une équipe de jeunes motivés qui constitueront le team #bepog qui représentera les métiers techniques dans la campagne (image, vidéo) qui aura lieu en Suisse romande à la rentrée d’automne. Ces jeunes seront également mobilisés dans le cadre d’actions de street marketing et d’animation de réseaux sociaux.

Le site web pour les inscriptions est en ligne
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Microfabrication processes explained

FSRM just announced a new course on microfabrication processes. The course will provide participants with a systematic overview of micro- and nanomanufacturing processes for micromechanical components and Microsystem Technology (MST), as well as their characteristics.
A systematic method is presented to facilitate the selection of a manufacturing process for micromechanical components described by a requirement list. By the end of the course, participants will learn how to select an adequate process for a specific component, with regard to both technical feasibility and economic aspects.

21.10.2014 – 22.10.2014 – 08:45 – 16:00 – Zürich (CH), Technopark

Target group
The course is structured to appeal to R & D managers and engineers, business development managers and a wide range of R & D staff from companies and institutes involved in the development and production of microdevices.


  • Systematic overview of MST fabrication processes such as: lithography for MST; wet, dry, surface, bulk, and silicon micromachining; thin film technique; high aspect-ratio etching; LIGA; molding; laser-induced processes; mechanical micromachining; photostructuring of glass and glass ceramics; µ-EDM; stereolithography and other rapid prototyping methods; wafer bonding
  • Nanotechnology: Nanostructuring, nanomaterials, nanoelectromechanical systems, etc.
  • Relevant characteristics of fabrication processes: range of materials, variety of forms and structures that can be obtained, aspect ratio, range of dimensions, industrial use, throughput/cost ratio in mass production, possible combinations with other processes
  • Method for systematic selection of fabrication processes for micromechanical components described by the component requirement list
  • Case studies

For more information and subscription: go to the FSRM website here.



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International training 2013

Around 60 active business partners from ten countries attended the Motorex international training event which was held recently. The two-day training programme on the specialist subject of industrial lubrication technology also coincided with the launch of multimedia iPads which will be used in the area of customer service.

With its industrial lubricants, Motorex leaves behind a trail of success the world over. All of the participants were very enthusiastic about the training event and returned home full of energy.
With its industrial lubricants, Motorex leaves behind a trail of success the world over. All of the participants were very enthusiastic about the training event and returned home full of energy.

Motorex business partners from far and wide met for two days for a comprehensive training course under the guidance of industry professionals. It came as no surprise that there were some similarities between the diverse range of international markets. The participants made active use of the opportunity to exchange ideas. After just a short time, tips and solutions were already being discussed and shared.

Looking to the future with iPads
The introduction of iPads can certainly be considered the highlight of the Motorex international training 2013. There are currently more than 1300 pages of information from Motorex about the lubrication technology industry loaded onto these pioneering tablets. Complex processes are also partially presented using moving images, either as films or animations. With regular updates, Motorex customer advisors always have all the relevant information with them and can therefore provide customers with optimum support.

Detecting major differences
During a laboratory workshop, the “trainees” witnessed the sometimes striking differences between the different products available on the market, and their quality. Impressions and experiences were gathered and these will be valuable in the future for advising and decision-making processes at all levels. The participants were also able to see for themselves what is meant by “Made in Switzerland” during a tour of the production plant at the headquarters in Langenthal.

Hugo Fisch, Managing Director of Motorex AG Langenthal, opened the conference with positive rates of growth from all markets, and with the charismatic statement "Motorex is simply brilliant!"
Hugo Fisch, Managing Director of Motorex AG Langenthal, opened the conference with positive rates of growth from all markets, and with the charismatic statement “Motorex is simply brilliant!”
There was a great deal of interest in the explanations about Motorex cooling lubricants provided by Adrian Schoch in the various workshops, which, of course, made use of the iPads.
There was a great deal of interest in the explanations about Motorex cooling lubricants provided by Adrian Schoch in the various workshops, which, of course, made use of the iPads.
During the tour of the premises, the newest production facilities could be seen in action. Motorex relies on the production location in Langenthal and also makes use of a strong technical support department to assist its partners.
During the tour of the premises, the newest production facilities could be seen in action. Motorex relies on the production location in Langenthal and also makes use of a strong technical support department to assist its partners.

Motorex AG Langenthal
Industrial lubrication technology
CH-4901 Langenthal, Switzerland
Tel. +41 62 919 74 74



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New Formulae Handbook for Drive Technology

maxon motor provides effective help for drive selection. The extensive collection with illustrations and descriptions includes formulae, terminology and explanations of the calculations that are relevant for drive systems. A flow chart provides assistance in selecting the right drive for each purpose.

The maxon formula compendium contains formulas, terminology and explanations for calculations concerning drive systems. The extensive collection with illustrations, descriptions and a flow chart supports easy selection of the appropriate drive.

The Formulae Handbook lists the most important formulae in relation to all components of the drive system. It makes use of a flow chart that supports quick selection of the correct drive. Numerous illustrations and the clear descriptions of the symbols on the respective page make it easier for the reader to understand the formulae.

Know-how in hand
Roughly speaking, it is a collection of the most important formulae from the maxon catalog, as well as from the book “The selection of high-precision microdrives”, published by maxon academy. The author of the book, Dr. Urs Kafader, Head of the maxon academy, gave the initiative to compile the Formulae Handbook to Jan Braun, technical instructor at the maxon academy. The book “The selection of high-precision microdrives” contains extensive know-how from the 50-year long success story of maxon DC drives with low power (below approx. 500 W).
The new Formulae Handbook is intended for engineers, lecturers and students, as a perfect supplement to the above-mentioned book.

The Formulae Handbook consists of 58 pages in A5 format and is available free of charge in German and English.

maxon motor ag
Brünigstrasse 220
P.O. Box 263
CH-6072 Sachseln
Tel: +41 (41) 666 15 00
Fax: +41 (41) 666 16 50
[email protected]

Design, ergonomics & training for medical technology products

It is taken for granted that a product will work reliably (moreover in medical industry!). In addition today it is more and more important to guarantee the ease of operation in view of the scarcity of personnel and the variety of devices.  Therefore to market medical technology products also implies maximizing user friendliness and experience…

Medical Cluster Switzerland has decided to deal with these important topics and help companies being perfectly efficient on these aspects. On January 13, 2012, a training course on “Design, ergonomics & training for medical technology products” will start in Berne (the courses will take place in German).

In this course, participants will learn about the aspects of ergonomic design of medical products and will be familiarised with modern aspects of user training. It is also possible to sign for modules and not the whole course:

  • Ergonomics, design, training
  • Artificial breathing techniques
  • Medical basics

You can download the whole information flyer here (Weiterbildungskurs Medical Cluster – German).

General information

  • 105 lessons of 45 minutes (i.e. approx. 22 days)
  • Friday afternoon 13:45-19:30 and on several Saturdays 08:45-16:45
  • Location: Berne University of applied sciences, engineering and information technology, Wankdorffeldstrasse 102, 3014 Bern
  • Price: CHF 5’260.-
  • Language: German

If you are interested please contact Mrs Kerstin Küchler, responsible for the course
Tel. +41 31 848 32 43
[email protected]