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GC3225 and GC3210 – two new grades covering all cast iron turning operations

Sandvik Coromant has introduced two new grades for machining cast iron. GC3225 and GC3210 form a new insert grade chain covering all cast iron turning operations for both grey and nodular cast iron materials.

GC3225 for cast iron turning
GC3225 for cast iron turning

GC3225 is a first choice grade for the cast iron turning application area. It is designed to provide secure and trouble-free machining even in the most difficult conditions.

GC3210 is a grade with high flank wear resistance suitable for turning in all cast iron materials, in good to average machining conditions. It enhances reliability and productivity in intermittent cuts, high cutting speeds, wet or dry machining, machined surface or light cast skin.

To provide the edge-line security and wear resistance necessary to optimize performance, GC3225 and GC3210 feature a CVD coating combined with a fine-grained hard substrate. Additionally, their innovative design utilizes optimized micro-geometries to facilitate light cutting action, hence reducing cutting forces and improving tool life.

The results of tests conducted at customers have shown remarkable results. GC3225 has more to give when other inserts reach the end of their life. By using the insert in machining of nodular cast iron it was possible to increase tool life by 70% compared to a competitor grade. GC3210 has been tested in the machining of differential case covers with some outstanding results. After changing to GC3210 instead of a competitor grade, it was possible to increase tool life by 38%.

Sandvik Coromant support for automotive sector embraces extensive machining solutions for transmission shafts

Range of tools and high-performance grades address challenges to deliver improved productivity, security and tool life in transmission shaft machining

Transmission shaft machining solutions include soft stage turning with GC4325 and GC4315 high-performance turning grades
Transmission shaft machining solutions include soft stage turning with GC4325 and GC4315 high-performance turning grades

The Sandvik Coromant portfolio of automotive component manufacturing solutions offers a selection of tools and insert grades designed to optimize the machining of transmission shafts.

Beginning with soft stage steel turning, high-performance GC4325 and GC4315 insert grades for internal and external operations offer superior levels of wear resistance, the ability to withstand high cutting temperatures and cutting edges that stay in shape for long times in cut.

Moving to hard part turning, CBN inserts are the first choice for turning high quality steel surfaces in the hardness range 58-65 HRc. CBN inserts from Sandvik Coromant have wiper options optimized for specific applications: WH (wiper HPT) generates low cutting forces for best surface integrity, while WG (wiper general) permits higher feed capacity.

The CoroCut® 1-2 grooving programme offers a number of benefits to those machining transmission shafts. For instance, patented spring clamping delivers high rigidity and clamping force accuracy, while both over- and under high precision coolant is available and easily connected via plug and play adaptors. What’s more, CoroCut 1-2 is now available in GC4325 high performance grade for steel.

Clearly, as a transmission shaft, these complex components demand numerous gear and spline milling operations. Among the tools ideal for addressing this challenge is CoroMill 176, an innovative indexable insert cutter for productive gear wheel machining that is designed for gears in the module range 4 to 10. Also, deployed widely for transmission shaft applications are the CoroMill 172 disc cutter for milling high-quality gear profiles and, similarly, CoroMill 171 for small gear modules. The latter features inserts with two cutting edges, while the same cutter body can hold inserts for different gear profiles.

Other gear and spline profiles on transmission shafts can be tackled using InvoMilling™, the unique Sandvik Coromant approach to milling spur and helical gears using indexable insert cutters, along with CoroMill 161 and 162. Using this single tool set on multi-task machines or five-axis machining centres it is possible to create many different profiles by simply changing the CNC program instead of changing the tool.

Applitec – New 2015-2017 catalogue

The new Applitec catalogue has been completely revised, both in the design and presentation of the items. The many new features offered by Applitec, a company at the cutting edge of technology, to its dealership network and customers are now given a perfect showcase.


In total, 9 product ranges are presented in the new 2015-2017 catalogue. It offers 3 more ranges than the old catalogue.

TOP-Watch – Chapter 1
This complements the TOP-Line range. The TOP-Watch programme is constantly evolving, and developing in collaboration with customers, watchmaking manufactures and watchmaking subcontractors. The specific geometries and coatings of the TOP-Watch range enabling machining of very small parts (D < 0.05 mm) made from the new materials used in watchmaking. TOP-Watch is a major range on the Swiss market.

TRIO-Line – Chapter 2
The TRIO-Line range is a set of tool holders and 3-cut inserts, based on a Y teeth seat concept, which guarantees rigidity and positioning with one-screw clamping.
The TX geometry of TRIO-Line is a set of groove inserts for circlips, as per standards DIN6799 and DIN471.

MICRO-Line – Chapter 8
The dynamic range of hard metal tools with Applitec cylindrical tails. A mirror polish finish, more precise straightness and concentricity than the standard mean that micro-mills, micro-drills, centring devices and milling cutters mounted on MICRO-Line are particularly appreciated in very high-precision micro-milling. MICRO-Line has opened up the way for Applitec into the micro-mechanics sector.

There are several new items supplementing the company’s other product ranges:

ECO-Line – Chapter 3
The high-quality economic range from Applitec.

ISO-Line – Chapter 4
Complementing the Applitec tool holders and inserts, offering a host of cutting geometries and grades. All the items have had their references redesignated based on the standard.

CUT-Line – Chapter 5
Excellence in precision sectioning. Tool holders with perfect seating, for optimum clamping of the insert, with solutions that can cut to diameters of 65 mm.

MODU-Line – Chapter 6
Nine pages of the new catalogue are devoted to base supports and insert holders for Tornos machines. Four of which for SwissNano, and one for Swiss ST26

TOOLING-Line – Chapter 7
A complementary set for MICRO-Line, including knurl holders and left and right-handed MD knurls, D 8.00 to 20.00 mm.

CIRCO-Line – Chapter 9
Extra-fine, fine, coarse and special teeth, for the Applitec hard metal circular milling cutters programme. From Ø 8 mm to Ø 160 mm, with front or rear-clamped mill holding chucks.

Applitec Moutier SA
Swiss Tooling
Chemin Nicolas-Junker 2
CH-2740 Moutier
Tel. +41 32 494 60 20
Fax: +41 32 493 42 60
[email protected]


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DMG MORI, new global brand from October first

At the press conference yesterday, MM. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza, Chairman of the board of Gildemeister AG and Dr. Masahico Mori, President of Mori Seiki Co. Ltd. presented many novelties and also announced the next move in the companies’ strategy: a common global brand.

The shareholders meeting of both Gildemeister and Mori Seiki have approved the new name at more than 95%.
The shareholders meeting of both Gildemeister and Mori Seiki have approved the new name strategy at more than 95%.

New design of machines, new communication platform with the machines (first information here), possibility to download apps to add value to the machines… and indeed a lot of new products. The company is more than ever on a strong way to set-up trends for the machine tool world.

Trend setter
“We innovate continuously and we have started to make evolve design and user friendliness in a way that is now followed by many machine-tools builder” told me Dr. Kapitza during a brief interview. And it is true that more and more machines look like sympathetic and that design and user friendliness are regarded with new eyes in our world.

The companies names will change to be the same.
The companies names will change to be the same.
On the market the name will now be DMG MORI.
On the market the name will now be DMG MORI.
The press conference took place in a large room to welcome several hundreds of journalists from the whole planet.
The press conference took place in a large room to welcome several hundreds of journalists from the whole planet.

The EMO carries on till the end of the week…


Pierre-Yves Kohler

Incredible novelties just unveiled

On this EMO’s eve the companies active in our field are busy preparing their product launches in Hannover and indeed we have some news for our readers.

emonews copie

Innovation is more than ever bringing distinctive assets to companies active in microtechnology. In Eurotec’s latest issue you will be able to discover many of those in premiere:


  • Almac – Complete new product range
  • Hermle – Combining MIM and machining
  • Humard Automation – High precision turning machine designed by users
  • Kern – Hard materials high speed machining
  • Mikron – Transfer machine to another level
  • Rollomatic – For the first time a laser machine with Rollomatic’s features
  • Schaublin Machines  – To turn and grind with the same machine
  • Tornos – EvoDeco for large diameters
  • Willemin-Macodel  – 701s a stunning new concept for high precision


  • Mikron Tool – Quantum leap in milling technology
  • Gühring – Universal taps

This issue also includes many other articles helping our readers being better informed.

  • Eichenberger Gewinde – A ball screw for every situation


  • Motorex – International training


  • NGL Cleaning Technology – To manage industrial wastewater


  • Pierhor – Microns hunters for more than 100 years
  • Obal – To outsoure  and have more time for important activities

Trade shows

  • EMO, Hanover
  • WMTF, Lucerne
  • Motek, Bondexpo, Blechexpo, Stuttgart
  • EMTE-EASTPO 2014, Shanghai

You can read Eurotec 389 online here and you can download it here.
For Tornos and Almac you can read the embedded decomagazine here.

But having a paper magazine in hands is nice don’t you think? Indeed you can also subscribe to receive Eurotec directly on your desk by surface mail or by air-mail here.

I wish you an interesting reading. Stay tuned for more news here.

Pierre-Yves Kohler
Publisher and editor




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The new compact machines with 3D control technology

The two world premieres CTX 450 ecoline and CTX 65 ecoline continue what Ecoline has been standing for for many years now: cutting-edge technology with proven components at the best price.

In relation to the compact footprint of 4.9 m² and 9.8 m² respectively, the work area offers maximum space to machine complex and large workpieces.

Technological highlights
Some of the technological highlights include the highly dynamic servo-turret with optionally up to 12 driven tool stations and short cycle times, spindles with up to 75 mm and 110 mm bar capacity, as well as wide guideways and linear guides for high rigidity and positioning accuracy.

Large choice at your disposal
The choice of 3D controls is unique in this segment: SLIMline® with Operate 4.5 on Siemens 840D solutionline, Heidenhain CNC PILOT 640 or with MAPPS IV on Mitsubishi. A huge range of optional features such as the direct measuring system are also available for the new universal turning machines. The Ecoline machines are manufactured within the international production network in different manufacturing plants in Europe, China, Japan and the USA.


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EMO-Highlights from DMG MORI SEIKI

CELOS, the new uniform design, 18 world premieres and 95 high-tech exhibits on 10,237 m² demonstrate DMG MORI SEIKI’s leading role in innovation in metal cutting machine tool manufacturing in Hall 2, North Entrance at this year’s EMO.

CELOS from DMG MORI SEIKI with 21.5“ ERGOline®.
CELOS from DMG MORI SEIKI with 21.5“ ERGOline®.

The exhibits are accompanied by DMG MORI SEIKI’s comprehensive Life Cycle Services, including a number of efficient automation solutions live in action. Furthermore, there will be focus areas on different industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace, medical and power engineering.

CELOS – From idea to finished product
CELOS from DMG MORI SEIKI simplifies and accelerates the process from idea to the finished product. CELOS APPs enable integrated management, documentation and visualisation of job, process and machine data. CELOS is compatible with PPS- and ERP-Systems, can be linked to CAD/CAM software and is open to future CELOS APP expansion. At EMO, there will be 12 CELOS APPs available. For example, CELOS apps such as the “JOB MANAGER” or “JOB ASSISTANCE” support the user with the network-integrated planning, management preparation and systematic processing of jobs (with workpiece, equipment and NC programme). CELOS from DMG MORI SEIKI with 21.5“ ERGOline® is available with SIEMENS und MITSUBISHI.

15 machines in the new DMG MORI SEIKI design
The new uniform DMG MORI SEIKI design demonstrates the company’s consistently high quality standards. Visitors can experience the advantages of the new design on 15 high-tech machines, which excels through improved functionality, user-friendliness and value retention.

In addition to all of the technical features, in the future users will also be able to select DMG and MORI SEIKI machines from two machine designs in "BLACK" or "WHITE" at no additional cost.
In addition to all of the technical features, in the future users will be able to select DMG and MORI SEIKI machines from two machine designs in “BLACK” or “WHITE” at no additional cost.

18 world premieres from DMG MORI SEIKI
In terms of products the company will unveil 6 machines in turning technology, 9 in milling technology and 2 in the ecoline range and a brand new pre-setting device.

We will come back on some of those later.





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