High-performance solution for loading and unloading

May 2022

Laser depaneling is constantly gaining ground on conventional technologies. LPKF now supplements the market-leading Cutting-Master series with a compact, fast automation system for even higher performance.

In electronics manufacturing, quality, reliability, and speed are what counts. The recently presented automation system from LPKF sets new standards in speed. It can place PCBs into boxes or blisters and disposes of the remaining tabs. The system works in part fully autono-mously without requiring any user intervention. The carriers can be exchanged comfortably via a drawer system. 

Both the feed-in of panels to the depaneling laser and the unloading of the singulated workpieces are accomplished in a fully automated, optimized process. The fast axis systems and the built-in lift system can be precisely optimized for the cycle requirements of the processed lay-out. Preparation of the new workpiece and removal take place in paral-lel to the processing. This minimizes nonproductive times.

Designed for performance and flexibility: the LoadingMaster takes out the panels, places the singulated PCBs into blisters or boxes, and dis-poses of the tabs

The compact LoadingMaster is compatible with LPKF CuttingMaster 2000 and 3000 series systems and can easily be retrofitted and adapted to customer needs. It also features SMEMA interfaces allow-ing easy integration into an automated production line. 

The Digital Twin
The LPKF LoadingMaster comes with easy-to-use system software. With it, the user can quickly access existing production recipes. Via the graphical interface, the user can create and simulate new processes or adapt and optimize existing processes either online or offline. The software runs through the created process sequence and detects any potential errors in the programming before they occur.

The LoadingMaster improves the economics of depaneling. With its compact size, uncomplicated use, and high performance, it pays for itself after just a short period of operation.

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